Recent Information

  • I have a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and am working full time as a Mechanical Engineer/Mechanical Designer
  • I’m newly married (less than one year) to my high school sweetheart, Scott.  We’ve been together for over six years now – time has flown by but I am SO blessed to have him as my husband!
  • We are living in an apartment with a teeny kitchen and no hope of moving in the near future… I cannot WAIT to have counter space!!
  • We have a kitty named Salami who is a total SPAZ, but adorable 🙂 (Can you guess who named him?!)


Random Facts

  • Growing up, I had more Lego’s and Nerf guns than most guys I knew. It was awesome!
  • 100% tom boy – girly things are somewhat foreign to me.  My first dress was my prom dress… My second was my WEDDING dress.  I don’t own a skirt… or heels.  I’m not really proud of that but it’s true.
  • I have once eaten an entire foot long subway sandwich AND another 6-inch AND a deli sandwich…. I have also conquered 10+ plates at a Golden Corral.  Both of these travesties instances occurred after a weekend of soccer games in my teens.
  • I think I dream in food
  • I actually…. HATE bacon.  I’m not proud of it.  I literally cringe and make gross faces when I cook it for Scott…it just looks… so… wrong.
  • I eat WAY more than Scott does and I frequently pick from his plate when mine has already been LICKED clean.  And yes, it gives me a slight complex.
  • I embrace my full nerdage – I LOVE video games (first person shooters, action, sims 🙂 ), board games, mechanical things, being in a shop, building things 🙂
  • Animations are the BEST movies ever – I love being a kid!  I also DESPISE horror movies and refuse to watch them…
  • I could spend hours in a grocery store.  My husband is a very patient man when we go shopping.
  • My common gift requests for birthdays and holidays (in the correct order):
    • Whole Foods gift cards (that stuff doesn’t come cheap… and I eat a LOT!!)
    • Barnes and Noble/Borders gift card
    • Workout clothes
    • Video games
    • Power tools 🙂  Boo.  Ya.