Hey there!!

I’ve got some unaccounted for time tonight so I can actually blog :D.  Things have been up to their usual madness (house renovations, work) and I think I’m about due for a vacation! (I wish…).

Our house renovations have been less than spectacular lately.  We’ve been waiting around for almost 2 months for our new back door to show up, and it was scheduled to be installed yesterday.  Here is it ladies n gents:

failed door

Yup.  Apparently the 4 different people the company sent out (on separate occasions) to assess how to fix our wood rot issue didn’t do the trick.  The contractor that was sent ripped up the door, and then said he had no idea how to fix the wood rot :(.  There was some RAGING done by my husband last night – you can be sure of that.  I’ve no idea how much longer it will take, but we still can’t finish up our flooring until it’s done.  Still living on the sub floor :(.

But.. food is way more interesting so let’s get to today’s chow!

I’ve deemed waking up early a HUGE forward progression in my workout routine.  My boss can’t bother me before I get to work, but you can imagine that all bets are off once I set foot in my office.  There’s been no time to get away during lunches for an afternoon spin class.

I had a small banana and half a Clif Mojo Bar (Honey Roasted Peanut) before heading out.

pre workout

Workout: 45 minutes Peak Performance Spin Class (aka – the most pain you can put on a person on a stationary bike going nowhere ;)).

Warmup: 5 minutes

Stage 1: 3 minutes at level 8.5/10

               3 minutes at level 9/10

               1 minute at level 9.5/10

               2 minute rest at level 6.5/10

               Repeat this 3x

Stage 2: 2 minutes at level 9/10

               1 minutes at level 9.5/10

               1 minute rest at level 6.5/10

               Repeat this 2x

Cool down: 2 minutes

Totals: Absolutely no clue because I forgot to start my monitor at the start of class.  Whoops :). 

After I got to work I had an Oikos Honey Greek Yogurt, the other half of the clif bar, coffee, and a homemade Banana Bread muffin :).

post workout

Mid morning (yup, my boss came running in pretty much the second I got there with more tasks) I had a whole wheat tortilla with a packet of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter. <3.


Before I realized it, it was 2pm and my stomach was NOT happy with me :(.  I had an Amy’s Light in Sodium Lentil Vegetable soup, a cheese stick, and 2 plums for dessert.


After mentally crashing (my brain exploded today from all the design issues we were dealing with) I grabbed an apple and a few small handfuls of granola on my way home.

apple n granola

Not too bad for a SUPER busy day!!  I’ve got an off-day tomorrow so I’ve got a few fun things planned 😉 (blogging included!).  I’m SO ready for the weekend.