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It’s a short work week for me – get to start my weekend now! Winking smileWinking smile

I crashed around 9:30 last night and didn’t pack up anything for today before I hit the sack.  However, when the fridge is stocked with fruits/veggies/1 or 2 frozen dinners/yogurt, it’s super easy to throw something together last minute that’s pretty healthy.  Once I rolled out of bed I toasted a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel and topped it with reduced fat strawberry cream cheese (I stole some from Scott’s stash), St. Dalfour Raspberry Pomegranate Jam, and had a banana on the side. 

bagels for breakfast

I would have reached for the peanut butter, but that would have given me a perfect repeat of yesterday’s breakfast.  I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world, but why not switch it up just a little bit?

I had two clementines and some cinnamon roast almonds mid morning.  I bought a huge box of Cuties on Monday, so Scott and I need to start downing these things like candy before they go bad! (and they do taste like candy Winking smile).


In between all the frantic-ness of work today, I had a pretty decent lunch.  I had a Spicy Black Bean Enchilada Kashi frozen dinner, a Fage 0% Blueberry Acai yogurt, and a whole sliced up red pepper. 


I went for a little walk over lunch as well – it was only about 20 minutes but holy cow I was dead tired after.  It’s the most I’ve done since Saturday and I guess I’m not feeling as well as I thought I was.  Looks like another few days off is a good idea  Open-mouthed smile.

After another few meetings this afternoon (I think I see a business trip in my future!) I was absolutely starving – I dug into my emergency stash of oatmeal and nuked a packet of Maple & Brown Sugar oats and had a small spoon full of peanut butter.  Not exciting, but tasty!



And now that I’m home and have a little time to spend before Scott and I head out to dinner, here’s something I’ve seen make full circle in the food-blogosphere:

ABC’s of yours truly Open-mouthed smile

A. Age: 23

B. Bed size: Queen (and you better believe THAT was hard to fit in our apartment!)

C. Chore you dislike: cleaning bathrooms.  I’ll happily scrub/bleach/wash the kitchen til it’s all sparkly (just last night I went all Steel-Wool on our kitchen sink *shiny!*), but I think bathrooms are disgusting

D. Dogs: I’ve never had one before (never had a pet growing up).  My first pet was a cat when Scott and I moved in together.  Since then, we’ve had “Doodles”, “Doodles 2” (that’s a long story….), and now “Salami”.  Note: We have no idea whatever happened to Doodles, and Doodles 2 currently lives with my parents Smile

E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast!! Abso-lutely first thing in the morning.  The only hindrance is putting my contacts in beforehand– I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even make it to the kitchen with how blind I am without them!

F. Favorite color: Green.  Always has been, always will be.

G. Gold or silver: Silver! Gold makes me feel like I’m in my grandma’s era…

H. Height: 5’6’’

I. Instruments you play(ed): Piano – 3 years, Guitar – 1 year, singing – 10 years

J. Job title: Mechanical Engineer.  Love it.

K. Kids: None yet Winking smile.  Scott and I definitely want 2 down the road – a boy first, then a girl.

L. Live: Boulder, CO.  Hippy town USA

M. Mom’s name: Tricia

N. Nicknames: Ernie (my parents have been calling me that since I was born), “Grinding Gertie” – the nickname my high school shop teacher gave me because I liked playing with an Angle Grinder and watching the sparks fly off of metal Winking smile

O. Overnight hospital stays: Oh wow.. let’s see.  I’ve had 6 surgeries total, but overnight stays only account for two of them.  Those were getting rods in my back, and then getting them out. (more info here)

P. Pet peeves: Putting the toilet paper roll on backwards (I’m an “over” kind of girl), and loud eaters.  Just ask my husband – I cannot stand slurping/sipping/loud chewing.  I get on his case quite frequently about this.. OH, and leaving milk in a bowl or cup and letting it harden in the sink.  That is absolutely the most rancid-smelling thing on this planet!

Q. Quote from a movie: “Bad Squishy!” – Finding Nemo.  Best. Quote. Ever!

R. Righty or lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: One older bro, Brandon.

T. Time you wake up: Weekdays: 6am.  Weekends: absolutely no later than 8am (my body just wakes up then).  Weekends seem to depend on a.) what we have planned, b.) what I want for breakfast, and c.) how long it will take me to make the thing I want for breakfast

U. Underwear: um… how about a yes (always!)?

V. Vegetables you don’t like: this is the only question so far I can’t answer right away… probably radishes and anything that tastes like a radish (ew!)

W. What makes you run late: My husband Winking smile. I’m one of those people where 5 minutes early stresses me out because I feel late. 

X. X-rays you’ve had: *refers back here* Just to name a few: probably 30+ on my back, teeth (dentist!), CT Scan on my abdomen, MRI of my back, ankles/wrists from injuries playing sports…  I’ve definitely had more than most people twice my age Sad smile.

Y. Yummy food you make: Just about every single thing I eat is yummy.  I frequent the “food coma dance” many times a day – Scott thinks I’m an idiot Open-mouthed smile.  Here’s a good example!

Z. Zoo animal favorites: My favorite ones to look at are the crazy multi-colored frogs, but I like observing anything monkey-ish Smile.  They are just way too smart!


My appetite that is Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile.  It’ll be even better once I can hit up the gym again (maybe a light workout tomorrow…).  I despise being sick, but it’s never a bad thing lying around watching TV and being lazy (occasionally Winking smile).

I reverted back to my usual a.m. craving this morning – carbs and peanut butter.  I toasted up a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel and topped it with PB, sliced banana, and Agave.  The caffeine was grabbed at work.


I ran home really fast over lunch to grab a few things, but just ate while I was there Smile.  I had a hummus/egg/cheese/spinach wrap on a spelt tortilla, a clementine, and a small bag of Sunchips. 


My energy is waaaay back up today so I think I’ll shoot for a short walk later tonight to get my body moving around a little bit.  It’s terribly difficult not to just jump right back into a gym routine (for me), so I just need to stay grounded for another day or so (it’s killing me lol).

Around 3pm or so, I sliced up a Mango I bought at the store on Monday (complete with produce sticker still on).  I don’t remember what kind it is, but it is different than the usual green/red ones you see in the produce section. 



I’ve only bought a Mango once, and it turned out to be super sour, so I sort of lost my taste for them.  This one however, rocked my socks off, even though it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to peel the dumb thing.  I had some cinnamon roast almonds and water too.

About an hour after that I was starving again (yay for eating!!).  I had a Chobani Pomegranate Greek yogurt and quite a few handfuls of granola.  I finished up my last bit of granola too, so now I guess I have to go back to the store Angel.


Usually Wednesday’s are scheduled rest days for me, so why break the system?  I’ll definitely take tonight off and then do some light/moderate(ish) things tomorrow.  That just leaves me more time to pack up for tomorrow’s food-gasms Winking smile.




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