Scott and I first met during our senior year in High School when we were both 17, which gives a TON of history to our relationship. Yep, we’re one of “those” couples who made it out of high school AND college alive. Since we’ve been together for over 6.5 years there’s TONS of stories, issues, fights…etc. I’m not going to go way in depth here just because of the length of time we’ve known each other, but here it is.

We actually met through a mutual friend and we shared a design/shop class together. I had always sworn to myself that I would never date anyone in High School because I didn’t see the point. I wasn’t one to date someone just for the sake of dating – I’d rather wait for a meaningful, lengthy relationship and I just didn’t see that happening with the transition into college. I was way too focused on school, sports, and friends to even have time to think about a boyfriend. ALL of that was thrown right out the door when I met Scott. He was (and still IS) the sweetest, down to earth, relaxed, and most thoughtful guy I had ever met. That, and his insanely blue eyes were enough to make me melt :).

To make a long story short: he was dating someone when we met, they had problems, they broke up, we started dating a few months later. Best thing that ever happened to me :). We were voted “Most Likely To Get Married” our Senior Year, we went to Prom together, I went to Football games just to watch him play the alto saxophone in band, we played more ping pong and video games than I can actually remember.

Senior Year In High School - Xmas


Playing Guitar Hero with my brother and his (still) girlfriend Bonny, 2005.

Result? I completely fell in love with him, and so did my family. My somewhat over-protective dad never had a bad thing to say about him… probably because they always talked “computer/techy stuff” all the time. 🙂

It was really funny how things ended up working out with the whole college thing – before we met, we had already applied to the same college (AND the same dorm for that matter). Neither of us knew the other had done the same. I still like to think that fate played a huge role in everything.

I could say that college life for the both of us was easy, I could say that we never faced any issues in our relationship, but that would be a lie. As expected, there’s so many new people, new experiences, new groups, and questions that you ask yourself when you’re out on your own for the first time. We were both really committed to each other, but we definitely had our ups and downs. There always comes that point in a relationship where you really have to evaluate where it’s going, where you’re at. Our point came around the two–year dating mark. We ended up breaking up for a little while, but quickly realized that we were both really in love and we definitely wanted a future together. There’s bits and details left out of this long story of course, but it really just comes down to commitment, love, and trust, and we were definitely there!

Scott proposed to me during one of our trips to California to see our friends and my brother (January 4, 2009). I had absolutely NO idea it was coming, and I had no clue he had asked my parent’s permission two months prior – ❤ I LOVE that he did this!) We were at Disneyland and everyone we were with knew about it (there were 7 of our friends there). We had just finished watching the nightly fireworks when a bunch of us went up past the roped off areas for “group pictures”. Apparently Scott had set up with the Disneyland staffers to let us by after the show, so he and I were the first ones to get “pics” taken. We stood near the castle, in front of what seemed like the entire population of California (that place gets BU-SY). The staffers took a few pictures of us, and then as we were walking back to our friends, Scott grabbed my arm and pulled me back, and then started talking. About a minute later of me practically hyperventilating (I completely was about to pass out and sadly…missed most of what he was telling me ) he got on one knee and pulled out the ring. I don’t think I even said yes, all I could do was throw my hands in my face and nod because I was so surprised (and I was crying as well – of course 🙂 ) People were taking pictures all over the place and yelling and screaming – so basically it was the most Kick A$$ proposal ever!

We got married on January 30, 2010, just over a month after I graduated College (and you better darn well believe that was a stressful time period! ) We had the most wonderful winter wedding without any slip-ups. The wedding went as planned and flawlessly, except the fact that Scott was SO nervous, everyone sitting in the front few rows thought he was going to pass out at any second. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen – he was shaking the whole time. I was completely the opposite – cool, calm, collected, and absolutely READY to marry the love of my life. He was just nervous of the whole ceremony thing.

Our reception was amazing! My absolute favorite thing about the wedding reception was our cake. It was completely nontraditional, and an idea by yours truly (in which Scott promptly agreed to because it was so EPIC): a Nintendo cake with a Mario and Peach topper, an extra sheet cake of a Mario level, and matching custom cupcakes for the bridal party.

I am honestly STILL stoked about our wedding cake and think that was my second favorite thing about the wedding (well duh!, the first is that I married the love of my life!!)

Our wedding colors were dark blue and silver, which was the perfect combination for an evening, winter wedding! My bridesmaid dresses matched my dark blue shoes (I LOVED having the dark blue shoes – it made an incredible picture as well). The guys had silver tuxes to match as well. We were fortunate enough to have our two best friends play such an important role in our wedding: one as my maid of honor, and the other as our pastor.

Not the best backdrop, but here's the fam!

Best Day of my life :D.

Honeymoon?? Destination St. Lucia at a Sandal’s Resort!

Playing pool and we've got a few drinks in our system!

View from our deck


Yup, if you know me I ALWAYS get a Funny Face Shot

Terraining Through the Rainforest

Dinner on the Pier

❤ My Handsome Husband


Now?? Almost one year of marriage under our belt, another lifetime of anniversaries to come :). I feel blessed and I’m loving every single second of it.