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Today is SOOO much better than yesterday!  Scott and I ended up stopping at Starbucks on the way to our friends house = happy, caffeinated Erin!! Smile


(Grande, nonfat, 2-pump, no-whip, pumpkin spice latte!!)

Our friends house was a TON of fun, and ended up getting back quite late!! BUT, then Scott and I decided to watch some old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyays? Simply – the best day AFTER my crappy morning!

This morning, I just whipped up a batch of steel cut oats:

  • 1/4c oats
  • 3/4cup milk
  • 1tsp vanilla
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1/2 nanner

Topped with:

  • Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter
  • a bucketload of strawberries I chopped up yesterday
  • nothing else because I put too many strawberries in it Smile


aaannnd, a much needed coffee will be had once we get to church Smile

Hope you are having a great Halloween so far!! I’m getting REALLY excited about our costumes…. Scott helped me finish mine up last night!  Let’s just say our bathroom looked like a horror film this morning……*evil grin/evil laugh*   oh… it’s going to be quite EPIC!


So I woke up in the WORST mood today for absolutely no reason Sad smile… I didn’t sleep really well so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s it..

I wasn’t starving when I woke up (probably because I had a massive bowl of cereal last night after dinner Smile) – but definitely hungry enough for something before spin class.

I just had a slice of sprouted wheat toast, PB, banana, a few raisins, a drizzle of agave, and a smidge of OJ



My mood definitely transferred over to spin this morning – I basically just sat on the bike and pedaled for an hour.  I was TOTALLY tuned out almost everything and never really got over the weird mood Sad smile … it was REALLY unlike me.

I ended up with these totals today: ~445 cals, 15.2 miles, 1:02 time

I did get to pick up my free Chocolate Zucchini Bread that I won in a raffle last week at the Boulder Farmer’s Market – that definitely brightened the mood a little bit! Smile Because it’s DELICIOUS!!


My after spin breakfast was just as lazy as the first – only a twinge spiced up.  I had EXACTLY the same thing, except I sprinkled on some flaxseed and rolled oats.  Very yummy but I’m definitely going to grab a latte before Scott and I head out this morning to a friend’s house.


Meh, I hate mornings like this – for no reason at all you just are soooo off Sad smile.  I’m betting a latte + spending the afternoon with friends will cheer me RIGHT up! That, plus Halloween tomorrow is going to definitely be something to look forward to! Smile  Hope you have a good morning!