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Happy Friday Open-mouthed smile!

Today was an Off-Friday for me, so I planned on spending some quality time at the gym and in the sun!

There was actually some time to make breakfast this morning, so I made some pancakes with a mix I had lying around:

Topped with PB, strawberry jam, Maple syrup, and a bit of granola Smile


I still need to figure out where I have all my placemats packed…

After digesting for a while, I headed off to a Water Running class.  It was just a 45 minute interval session, but with the resistance of the water, you REALLY feel it in your body by the end.  It’s actually a great cardio workout Smile.

Afterwards I had a Protein Bar and an apple… because I had to refuel for a Body Pump Class.  60 minute class of the new July Release!! 


Yup, I doubled up on workouts today.. mainly because the classes were fun and I had the time to do them!  Plus, I ended up having to go into work right after the body pump class for the afternoon, so it was nice to get my workout out of the way for the day!

On the way to work, I stopped at WF for a lunch/salad/explosion and a Kombucha.  Not pretty, but it was inhaled in less than 5 minutes.


Nothing too much up for tonight, but we might go and see Horrible Bosses Smile.  It looks freaking amazing.

Have a great Friday night!


Holy cow… I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I’ve blogged!!  It’s been a terribly crazy week though so I guess I’m not surprised.  Since we had a short work week due to the Fourth of July holiday, nearly half the employees at my company took off for vacation.  I’m still somewhat of a newbie and haven’t accrued enough vacation days to do the same so I ended up getting slammed at work with other people’s overflow Sad smile.  By the time I got home, there was only time to eat dinner, pack up for the next day, and hang out with Scott a little bit before doing it all again.  At least this upcoming week will be normal! Open-mouthed smile

I only have snippets of this week, but here they are:

eggs n toast


A few banana scrambles were eaten Smile

bananan scramble

pbj n banana




Cottage cheese with a nectarine and brown rice cakes


Leftover Pulled pork BBQ from a friend’s birthday at Famous Daves


Parking lot in-between workout snack: Clif Mojo, nectarine, cheese stick

mojo n nectarine

Vegetarian salad from the gym



yogurt snack

However… I was able to get into quite a few classes this week at the gym:

Monday: 45 minute Spin

Tuesday: 45 minute Spin+ a few weights

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 45 minute Spin

Friday: Water Running AND a Body Pump Class (yup, work was THAT stressful this week!)

That was my first time at a body pump and honestly I can barely move my arms today (but I love it!!).  There’s definitely something about motivation in a group setting vs. lifting on my own.  I don’t think I would have done that many squats/lunges/dead lifts/rows by myself otherwise.  Today is definitely an “active recovery” day for me – aka… my exercise will come from housework Winking smile.

On a complete side note, I’m 100% caught up on the Harry Potter movies (I’ve been looking forward to the last movie like every other 11 year old out there!) Open-mouthed smile.  My friend and I finished up the last two yesterday so I’m SUPER ready for the upcoming weekend!

Hope you have a great Saturday!!



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