Holy cow… I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I’ve blogged!!  It’s been a terribly crazy week though so I guess I’m not surprised.  Since we had a short work week due to the Fourth of July holiday, nearly half the employees at my company took off for vacation.  I’m still somewhat of a newbie and haven’t accrued enough vacation days to do the same so I ended up getting slammed at work with other people’s overflow Sad smile.  By the time I got home, there was only time to eat dinner, pack up for the next day, and hang out with Scott a little bit before doing it all again.  At least this upcoming week will be normal! Open-mouthed smile

I only have snippets of this week, but here they are:

eggs n toast


A few banana scrambles were eaten Smile

bananan scramble

pbj n banana




Cottage cheese with a nectarine and brown rice cakes


Leftover Pulled pork BBQ from a friend’s birthday at Famous Daves


Parking lot in-between workout snack: Clif Mojo, nectarine, cheese stick

mojo n nectarine

Vegetarian salad from the gym



yogurt snack

However… I was able to get into quite a few classes this week at the gym:

Monday: 45 minute Spin

Tuesday: 45 minute Spin+ a few weights

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 45 minute Spin

Friday: Water Running AND a Body Pump Class (yup, work was THAT stressful this week!)

That was my first time at a body pump and honestly I can barely move my arms today (but I love it!!).  There’s definitely something about motivation in a group setting vs. lifting on my own.  I don’t think I would have done that many squats/lunges/dead lifts/rows by myself otherwise.  Today is definitely an “active recovery” day for me – aka… my exercise will come from housework Winking smile.

On a complete side note, I’m 100% caught up on the Harry Potter movies (I’ve been looking forward to the last movie like every other 11 year old out there!) Open-mouthed smile.  My friend and I finished up the last two yesterday so I’m SUPER ready for the upcoming weekend!

Hope you have a great Saturday!!