Good afternoon! Open-mouthed smile  I hope your last day of the week wasn’t too killer Winking smile

Today is an off-Friday for me so I FINALLY got around to doing some things I haven’t been able to because of the house.

  1. Make a food-coma-inducing breakfast

French Toast Buckwheat Bake with Mixed Berries

bake with coffee

epic bake

Topped with Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam, and a smidge of Love Grown Foods Granola

2.  Water Running

I briefly talked about this a little bit ago – I’m looking for some new type of cardio to keep my interest.  I’ve been doing spin classes 3-4 times a week for over two years – with my back, it’s really the only group cardio I can do… until now Smile

Today’s class was about 45 minutes and it was just as expected…. completely HILARIOUS to watch Smile  I’m definitely going to be keeping up with this though.

Totals: ~353 cals, 1:06 time.  Hopefully my arms feel this tomorrow Winking smile

3.   Have some girl time!!

I met up with Brittany for lunch after Water Running, and took her to the Social Security office so she could get her name changed.  She’s a married woman now!!  It’s now or never Brittany Open-mouthed smile  We hit up Whole Foods for the hot bar/random other restaurants inside.  I ended up with stuff from the hot bar and a Kombucha:


4.  I finally found some Harry Potter worthy candy Open-mouthed smile  There’s really only one candy store in the area and they had the BeanBoozled kinds (apparently they don’t sell the Bertie Botts any more Sad smile). 

Check this out! (source)


On top of these, I made a few cupcakes to go along with them.


Yup… that’s the entire recipe – EPIC for making a quickie batch of cupcakes.  Just add 1 cup of water and bake according to the box Open-mouthed smile.


My question to you… Would you dare eat some of those Jelly Beans?