Happy Thursday Open-mouthed smile  My week is finally over –short work weeks are ah-mazing!

I’m still running on fumes today due to severe lack of sleep.  We were heading home late last night from our friends house and hit a dead. stop in traffic.  I still have no idea what happened, but during the hour we sat with our car shut off, we saw about 3 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, and probably over 8 cop cars whizzing by.  They ended up waaay head of us so we couldn’t see anything, but I just hope everything’s okay Sad smile.  On top of getting home way later than expected, our little “attic critters” were roaming around last night again.  Scott kept on waking up, turning the lights on and off, checking to see where the noise was coming from, and ended up brining a fan from the basement to “drown out the scratching noises”…

Basically.. I didn’t sleep very well last night Sad smile.

This morning I slept in an extra half hour, didn’t go to the early morning spin class because I was planning on going over lunch.  I had a whole wheat tortilla, 2 eggs, spinach, ricotta cheese, salsa, and an orange for breakfast.


As soon as I got to work I ended up over at one of our test facilities with a coworker… aka… I didn’t get back to work until after noon.  During that time, I quickly munched on a Chocolate Chunk Luna Bar to get me through the first few hours. 


But.. I missed the next spin class because we got back so late Sad smile.  I HATE days like this because sometimes you just really need the stress relief from exercise.

Around 12:30 I nuked a Kashi Black Bean Mango frozen dinner (boo), had an apple and water, and grabbed the last cracker thin crust slice of pizza leftover from a “Lunch and Learn” the electrical engineers had Winking smile



And..  I actually didn’t eat the apple – I saved that for a later snack because I knew we were heading back to our lab for the afternoon. 

During more testing, I had the apple with a packet of almond butter Winking smile


Blarg on missing spin class today Sad smile  I’ve got tomorrow off so at least I’ll have some time to get in a good workout then!  I’ve got a brand new workout planned so I’m stoked to give it a shot!

Nothing up on my plate for tonight (phew)!  The only thing I need to do before Saturday is get some Harry Potter candy for a movie marathon a friend and I are planning.  I’m a horrible HP nerd and I’m hoping to rewatch ALL the movies before the last one comes out in a few weeks Open-mouthed smile