Happy Thursday!  Can’t tell you how stoked I am for ONE more day of work!

The usual was up for breakfast again:


Toasted whole wheat English muffin, ~1/5T PB, 1 sliced banana, and a smidge of Love Granola.  Easiest breakfast ever, and there is nothing better than melty peanut butter Open-mouthed smile

Midmorning I topped off my peanut butter laden breakfast with more peanut butter: a Honey Roasted Peanut Clif Mojo bar was downed about an hour and a half before spin


On my way to spin I had half an apple (half right afterwards)


Workout: 45 minute Endurance Spin Class

Totals: ~482 cals, 15.8 miles, 51 minutes

Lunch was my leftover Tofu Fajita Burrito from yesterday… I even saved some of the guac and pico de gallo to put on top (but holy cow this thing was SPICY) Open-mouthed smile  Even though it was only half, this beast was HUGE!  Much more water was downed right after.

tofu burrito

I thought the ginormous burrito would fill me up for lunch, but about 30 minutes later I grabbed a Brown Cow Plain greek yogurt and a bunch of blueberries.


On my way out the door from work I grabbed a Kashi Strawberry Cereal Bar (spin = munchies!)

One more day.  One more day *wishes it was the weekend!*

Tonight I’ve got a “phone date” with my friend Mallory – she lives out of state but I sent her a TON of pictures of our backyard.  She’s going to help us distinguish between weeds and plants…  Sadly, the former owners of the house let the yard get to a state where we have NO idea what to pull/spray…etc.  We went out last weekend to attempt to get out what we could, but the garden is questionable…

This this is supposed to be the garden…entire garden

beginning of garden

end of garden

We’ve also got a few issues with plants growing too close to each other (We’ve no idea what either the tree or the “plant” is either… (we fail at green things!)

tree with tree growing in it

And something growing into the fence RIGHT near into our neighbors roses Sad smile

plant into fence

At least we have awesome neighbors and this hasn’t been “brought up” yet… I just want to take care of it because the lady next door spends a LOT of time fixing up her yard.  I’d hate for a stupid bush to ruin something of hers.