I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday this week – I’m already exhausted!  Part of it might have been the fact that I didn’t sleep terribly well last night; I woke up a few too many times during the night Sad smile.  The only one I really remember was right after I fell asleep for the first time – I had this gigantic body twitch that woke up me suddenly.  All I remember doing was laughing and telling Scott that someone threw something at me in my dream and it just sort of shocked me (Scott thought that was hilarious).  Fail.

On my way out the door this morning I had my last slice of seeded, whole grain toast, PB, granola, Strawberry jam, a banana, and a Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt.  Nothing fancy, but it was quick and easy Smile  I also had some coffee on the way to work.

breakfast toast

I finally got some work yesterday, so I was actually quite busy for most of today (thank goodness!)  I’ve got a couple of new designs to work on that will most likely take a week to finish Open-mouthed smile.   Mid morning I had a packet of Oat Revolution Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal with a handful of almonds.  A Kashi Strawberry Cereal Bar was also eaten on the way to spin class.



Workout: 45 minute Random Interval Class

Totals: ~484 cals, 15.4 miles, 52 minutes

Yesterday’s spin class was a Peak Performance, so we got up into the anaerobic state (completely breathless).  Basically, that means today’s workout was going to feel harder to me.  I didn’t quite feel 100%, but that was expected due to the intensity of yesterday’s class.  It’s all part of training Winking smile.

When I got back to the office, I made a quesadilla with a whole wheat tortilla, two cheese sticks, olives, and red pepper, had an orange, FSTG sweet potato chips, and a side salad with cucumber, spinach, and hummus (and more water!)


Afternoon snackage was half a Chocolate Peanut Butter Odwalla bar to hold me until dinner.  I could literally eat these all day – they taste JUST like brownies.. ooey gooey ones Smile (which is why I only ate half!)


Tonight it’s at-home date night!!  Scott and I decided that we’ve been working WAY too hard on the house and we just need a night to cook a nice dinner and relax.  We’ve got a busy rest of the week/weekend so this is basically it for down time! 


Do you sometimes have dreams that make you do strange things in real life?