Today was an absolute blast! My mom came all the way down on my Off-Friday to hang out for the day Open-mouthed smile

Scott and I had an early appointment with a contractor to look at the wood rot near our back patio door (we STILL haven’t ordered a new door… we’re 3 weeks behind Sad smile).  I gobbled up a quick slice of toasted whole grain bread (from game night on Wednesday) and topped it with peanut butter, granola, and strawberry jam.  Oh, and of course coffee was downed while the contractor was here.

bread n pb

The appointment was at 7:30 am, which was a weird time, so I did a strength training workout really fast right after before my mom showed up.

Workout: Random Strength Training Exercises at Home







Quads and Calves



Yup… that pretty much will rock my socks off tomorrow Open-mouthed smile 

Post workout I had a Chobani Pineapple Greek yogurt to get a good dose of protein in.


And then once my mom got here… this happened… as well as a trip to Home Depot for some much needed supplies for housework (ladder, primer, trowel…)

book n shower


I saw this book and picked it up on a whim because the title cracked me up.  I’m SO excited to start it up – hopefully in the next few days Open-mouthed smile

And I got more “necessities” for my at home gym Smile  My dinky little 8 lb weights are proving to be too light (bumped it up to 10lbs for now), and I’ve been wanting to toy around a bit with a foam roller.  My old resistance band is about 15 years old and a little worn out as well.  A good explanation of the foam roller can be found on Angela’s Blog.

We went out to lunch again to my FAVORITE place to go on my Off-Fridays.

whole foods hot bar death

Whole Foods Hot bar + Kombucha.  And my mom spotted this and couldn’t resist (we split it)

chocolate death

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Open-mouthed smile

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent sealing the molding in the office and priming/painting random things around the house.  I can almost taste us actually painting the walls! (almost!)


Exhausting afternoon but TONS of fun – my mom stayed a good 5 hours to help us around the house, which was just about the most amazing thing ever.  I will repay her with a few slices of this! Chocolate Zucchini Bread

chocolate zucchini bread

This recipe AND another one comes tomorrow!  We’re having a picnic in the park with a bunch of friends so I’ve got a few dishes to make.  However, that’s after we hopefully win free frozen yogurt every WEEK for a year Winking smile….

Tomorrow’s blog post should be pretty exciting *crosses fingers* We’ll see.