Well, I did in fact manage to get a few things crossed off my “to-do” list last night.  Scott and I went out for Froyo at the ONLY place near our house.  It wasn’t horrible by any means, but when a “small” consists of more than about 3 cups of ice cream and toppings of about 5 or 6 Oreos, I know portion sizes are out of control.  I’ll get a picture next time of the ridiculouseness Winking smile.  I spent the night cuddled up eating that beast (about a third of it) and watching The Bachelorette Open-mouthed smile.  (Bently is a SCUMBAG by the way… just thought I’d throw that out there!)

In my inability to turn off the T.V, I stayed up way too late catching up on the show (and still haven’t finished it all), and consequently got about 5 hours of sleep.  I get completely caught up in reality tv…Good thing today was a scheduled rest day for me Winking smile After groggily waking up this morning, I made a gigantonourmous cereal bowl using whatever I could find in the pantry:


1 cup Kashi Puff Cereal, ½ cup Heritage Flakes, ¼ cup Kashi Golden Goodness, ¼ cup Kashi Go Lean Protein, 1T chia seeds, 1 sliced banana, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 

bowl o goodness

Best bowl of cereal I can come up with on the fly Smile  (not to mention filling!)

This morning at work was super slow again – I used that time to plan out what I needed to pack up for tomorrow (keeping my mind busy makes the clock go by faster)  We’ve got game night tonight and I knew I was going to have very little time to get things in order before we start playing.

Mid morning I munched on a Chocolate Luna Protein Bar.  I completely consider this a candy bar, only (ever so slightly) better.  I guess I just needed the chocolate Open-mouthed smile


My gym-free lunch was an Amy’s Lentil Soup with a cheese stick, multigrain chips, and water.  It was amazing not having to rush off again to a class.  

amys lunch

Instead, I sat in the break room and caught up on blog reading on my phone… and then went for a walk around the trails.  Relaxing and sun-shiny!

The afternoon was slow still (not an exciting week of work by any means!) – regular office life gets really difficult when a.) you don’t have much to do and b.) it’s a cool 65 degrees, sunny, and NO clouds are out Sad smile.  Outside would have been too good to be true today.  Afternoon munchies were a Chobani Pomegranate Greek Yogurt with half a crumpled strawberry kashi cereal bar (leftover from yesterday), and some baby carrots while driving home.


Game night should be exciting– we haven’t had one in over 3 weeks because of moving/wedding things/conflicts of schedules.  It’ll be nice to have dinner and hang out    (… did I mention that Chicken with Rice and Chile Verde was on the menu? Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile)  Epic.

Back to the gym tomorrow – hopefully I’ll have something interesting to do at work or my last day this week is going to be killer.