Two down, two to go! I’ve got Friday off and am definitely looking forward to a short work week.  That and my mom is coming down for the day to help me with some house things Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile.

Today was an incredibly normal day, sadly ;Sad smile.  I haven’t had much work to do during the day as I’m in between projects right now.  Basically, my day involves looking forward to my next snack/meal and staring at the clock (sounds downright phenomenal, huh?)  Hopefully it doesn’t last too long because I HATE days like that.  Honestly, I work better when I have too much to do.

To start up the old mind and body this morning I made a breakfast sandwich: toasted cinnamon spice alternative bagel, 2 eggs, part-skim ricotta cheese, salsa, spinach, and blueberries on the side (which I ended up eating in the car on the way to work).


Mid morning snack was a Clif Mojo Bar Honey Roasted Peanut.  Er, well most of it.  I accidently dropped about the last third of it on the floor near my desk trying to pry it out of the wrapper Sad smile… I made up for it by eating an apple on the way to spin class as well as half a Strawberry Kashi Cereal Bar (have you noticed yet I still haven’t had time to cook much??).


Workout: 45 minute Endurance Spin Class

Totals: ~455 cals, 15.0 miles, 52 minutes

Refueling was 2 chicken, spinach, hummus, red pepper, cucumber on whole wheat wraps.  I had some more water on the side too (and the other half of the strawberry cereal bar… it just sort of wandered into my hands Angel)


One of my mid afternoon snacks was an orange, tea, and some almonds (about 2x the almonds shown). 


Between today and yesterday, I’ve been hungry.  Consecutive spin classes plus house work at night (and I also went for a 25 minute walk last night) makes my appetite just RAGE (which. ROCKS!).

Up on the board for tonight:

  • Finish watching The Bachelorette  – it turned out to be WAY too nice out last night, so I went for a walk instead of finishing the episode I was watching
  • work on the house (maybe Winking smile)
  • … get froyo somewhere (most likely Open-mouthed smile)