Yesterday morning did not go as planned at all!  I’m still trying to figure out to how pack for the longer commute and I double checked that I had everything before heading to the gym.

Right before I left too I had a banana and the last small few handfuls of Love Grown Foods Raisin Almond Crunch Granola.

banana granola

Workout: 60 minute Spin Class – Power Intervals

Totals: ~448 cals, 15.1 miles, 52 minutes

Turns out I DID have everything…. Just my luck but halfway through my spin class a Manager walked in to tell us that the main water line burst and they had to shut off the water in the entire building.  Aka… no water, no shower?!?

Luckily for me there is ONE shower at my work in the women’s bathroom.  However, considering I’m the only female who works there that does regular intense exercise during the day (There are a total of 5 women, but the others are over 55 years old) I’m pretty sure the shower hasn’t been used in over 10 years.  G-r-o-s-s Sad smile  I showed up to work all sweaty and disgusting only to attempt to wash off in a pretty sketch shower.  I happened to think ahead (hooray!) and steal a towel from the gym so I could dry off (hey, I’ll bring it back!)… but the shower at work didn’t have a.) a hair dryer, or b.) soap.  Shampoo = soap yesterday, and my hair dried into a giant frizz.  Ponytails are SO business appropriate Winking smile  At least I got to somewhat clean up for the day, right??

After that big fail of the day, it didn’t exactly get much better, but breakfast still rocked! I toasted up a whole wheat bagel and had a packet of Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter with it.

Melty peanut butter solves all problems Open-mouthed smile And bread.

bagel n pb

I spent the next SIX HOURS on and off the phone with our IT Department because my email wasn’t working.  Apparently it was only my workstation, everyone around me was fine.  They could never fix it and are still trying to get it to work today (today = vacation day because of all the pre-wedding stuff happening this afternoon/tonight!).  Needless to say I was 0% productive Sad smile 

Lunch yesterday was an Evol Burrito (Chicken, Beans, and Rice), hummus, a side salad, and a yogurt.


Afternoon munchies: almonds, an apple, and a small tub of Honey Nut Cheerios I took from the hotel’s complimentary breakfast last weekend from Brittany’s Bachelorette Party Winking smile

cheerios n almonds


Not a productive day, but what can ya do?

Today I’ve got some pre-wedding things to do: nails, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner so I’m lumping this morning’s stuff with yesterday.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be out and about the next 48 hours so I won’t be posting!

Pre-at home workout fuel: Cinnamon Spice Alternative Bagel, almond butter, 1/2 sliced banana, coffee.  With more cinnamon sprinkled on top Open-mouthed smile

friday breakfast pre workout

Workout: I didn’t have enough time to hit up a spin class, but I was able to find my weights in boxes down in the basement Open-mouthed smile

Random Strength Training exercises: from my list of at home exercises

Totals: 1:06 time to complete two full sets of everything!  I’m so going to enjoy having sore arms the next day Open-mouthed smile

Right after I made a quick yogurt bowl: Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt (protein!), the other half of my banana (quick carbs!), and some Cranberry Walnut Delight granola (carbs).


Now I’m off to hang with the other lovely ladies of Brit’s wedding party Open-mouthed smile It’s manicure time!!

See you in a few days Winking smile