Hey!! What’s this?! TWO days in a row again?!

You betcha!  I’m not quite back into the regular schedule and will most likely do every other day for a few weeks, but I had a smidge extra time today Open-mouthed smile

Commuting to work is a teensy bit more work than expected – I haven’t had to do that in over 3.5 years!  I used to be able to swing by my apartment if I forgot anything (gym clothes, extra snacks, water bottles..etc) because I lived so close to work but now I’ve just got to remember to bring everything.   It’s taking me more time to plan than actually DO things…

Another adjustment?  Actually eating breakfast before I get to my desk (er… before I get in my car!) Smile.  This morning I threw together a huge bowl of cereal: 1 cup Kashi Honey Puffs, ¼ cup Kashi Golden Goodness, 1/3 cup Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1/3 cup Kashi Go Lean Protein, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1T raisins, 1T chia seeds, 1 sliced banana. 


The only thing better was being able to use utensils we received off our registry for our wedding (almost 1.5 years ago!).  I finally got a chance to open the box because we had room for them somewhere.


Coffee waited until work… where I was greeted with a big ol’ plate of homemade fudge!  It looked pretty good, but that’s the last thing I want in the morning!  They were so sticky I didn’t want to “touch it too much” by trying to pry off the wrappers…


I had a super busy morning and only managed to cram in a good handful of almonds in my mouth in between the never-ending meetings.


Lunch today was a whole wheat tortilla wrap with spinach/hummus/red pepper/cheese stick, another small piece of red pepper with hummus, an apple, and a Lemon Larabar. 


I’m *hopefully* going to be able to cook some dinner tonight so I have leftovers! I’m really sick of “typical packed lunches”!  I ate most of this at my desk and then headed out in AH-sum 70 degree weather for a walk <3. 

Afternoon munchies were half a whole wheat bagel (toasted), a cheese stick, pita chips, a Strawberry Yogurt Chupa Chup sucker, and some granola (all as a pre-workout snack).  Spin class last night made me pretty darn hungry today!


bagel n cheese

Workout: Strength and Cardio

I had every intention on completing about 20-30 minutes of strength training and then about 30 on the AMT.  That epically failed once I actually got there.  The gym was c-r-o-w-d-e-d and it would have been useless for me to waste time waiting around for machines.  Instead I just hopped on a machine and did about 30 minutes of cardio.

Totals: ~336 cals, 36 minutes

Guess this means I’ll be putting in some strength training in the next two days Smile

Nothing exciting up for tonight – I’m a bit behind on The Bachelorette and I’m fully intending on having that play in the background while I a.) do more of Brittany’s wedding related things (the big day is Saturday!! Open-mouthed smile), b.) unpack boxes, and c.) pack up for tomorrow.  I swear I’m more of a planner than actual do-er.  I’ve got three lists sitting in front of me of things I need to do/bring over the next few days and just looking at them makes me anxious.