I can’t even begin to tell you stressful, tiring, exhausting, and AWESOME this week has been!! We’ve literally been hauling our butts off every night to the house and cranking projects out!  The rents and in-laws have had their fair share of the pain too though (and have helped SO much with all of this!)

And there was DEFINITELY an awesome break in the action for Brittany’s Bridal Shower SmileSmile  She’s getting married in less than two weeks and our stupid house closing/renovations are seriously getting in the way!  Just a few more days though and then we’re in the full swing of wedding action Open-mouthed smile  She’s going to be the most amazing bride! (And not to mention a very Happy Birthday to you Brittany!!)


Here’s a few quick updates of the past couple bunches of days:

We now have a functioning washer and dryer SmileSmileSmile  I did two loads the DAY they were installed, just because I don’t have to pay quarters anymore!!  I am in <3!

washer and dryer

We hung a few doors around the main floor – here’s two in the bathroom

Bathroom Doors Hung

And some French Doors for the office (not sure yet if they will be painted or stained just yet…)

Office 04 - French Doors Installed

I personally demoed the closet door area in the office – I had to rip up the drywall and metal framing around the opening so that we can hang another door. 

Office 04 - Closet Door Demo

Sanded and Primed all the windowsills in the house

Family 04-Window Sills Sanded and Primed

Now Baseboards installed (the molding at the bottom of the room)

Family 05-Baseboards going up

The door casing started going up too! (The white trim all around the doors. We’ve still to paint the office doors white however…)

Family 05-Door Casing

Office 05 - Door Casing INstalled

The BIG change: Adding Hardwood to the former “Live parakeet room”.  Scott and I did the completely on our own – 10 hours of STRAIGHT laying/cutting boards.  Needless to say neither of us could either walk or use our arms the next day Sad smile

Bird Room 03 - Hardwood ready

Bird Room 04 - Hardwood done


And of course some recent eats!  Not everything is pictured… I’ve got to say I’ve had my fair share of Chinese takeout, diet soda Sad smile, deli subs, and more junk than I care to think about right now.  I did manage to get in three spin classes last week though… not so much strength training, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting that with the house work Open-mouthed smile

luna n banana

Workout: 60 minute Interval Class

Totals: ~605 cals, 17.8 miles, 1:05 time

latte n bagel

gortons fish

Ketchup, Mac N Cheese, and the “Fish” pictured above (it came in very rectangular blocks…)

fish dinner

Yogurt Bowl and Bagel with Granola Open-mouthed smile

yogurt bowl

Another Yogurt Bowl  – bagel, almond butter, chia seeds, granola

another yogurt bowl

balance bar

Steamed Veggies with Tofu, a bit of rice and an egg roll Smile.  I ❤ Free delivery Smile

Chinese food

Gigantic bowl of cereal: banana, cinnamon quaker oatmeal squares, Kashi golden Goodness, Kashi Honey Puffs, Kashi Go Lean Protein, Chia Seeds, unsweetened vanilla almond milk

giganormous bowl of cereal

Kashi Chicken Florentine, Apple, Chips

kashi lunch

It’s back to work tomorrow – both Scott and I took two vacation days in order to lay the hardwood (which only took ONE! Open-mouthed smile)  It’ll still be another week or so before I’m on a “regular blogging schedule”. Our BIG move is coming up very fast so I’ll be without internet/cable..etc for a little bit Sad smile.

Hope you are having a great week!  I’m definitely ready to get back to a normal schedule soon…