Yup, today was it.  Tomorrow we get the house, but then we start two weeks worth of renovations before we have to move out by the end of the month (and by renovations, I mean complete DIY, JUST me and Scott style…).  I’ve just got to cross my fingers and hope we have a livable area by then…and hope my liver can take the amount of Tylenol I’m going to cram in my body to keep my back pain tolerable Winking smile  Who knows, I might just sneak a few blog posts in there because “my back hurts too much and I can’t work” Angel

The list for today:

  • Workout – I actually look forward to waking up early on a Saturday for a butt-kicking spin class.  It also keeps my rage/stress level around a zero Winking smile
  • Laundry – mine and Scotts Open-mouthed smile.  He’s gone ALL day at our friend Tom’s Bachelor Party and he won’t have time to get his stuff in order before tomorrow (it’s an overnight thing)
  • Start the process of “Mail Forwarding”
  • Bake some food for the next week for quick dinners (and cheap!)
  • Finish wrapping a Bridal shower gift, Bachelorette Party gift, and Wedding gift, and attempt to keep all that with my bridesmaids dress/shoes/accessories so NOTHING gets lost in the move Open-mouthed smile I can’t wait for Tom and Brittany’s wedding!
  • Start packing kitchen things Crying face.  I’ve got to forgo the Magic Bullet, Food Processor, and Rice Cooker for a week – we just won’t have the time to pack it later
  • Attempt to make a meal plan for the entire week – I will have zero time to cook
  • Hit up Home Depot – I need to figure out how to get thin strips of wallpaper off two different rooms (and hope the holes are patched from the Taxidermy before we move in…)


Family Room 

  • Girls Night!!!  Since the boys are all gone tonight, I’m having a night in with the girlies watching Black Swan and hopefully grabbing some ModMarket. <3!

I actually managed to get almost everything done Open-mouthed smile

Pre workout food was half a Cinnamon Spice Alternative Bagel, Almond Butter, half a banana, raisins, and a few more small handfuls of raisins. Still NOT sick of eating this Smile

pre workout

Workout: 60 minute Spin Class 

a little bit of everything today: Power Intervals, Endurance intervals, Hills

Totals: ~566 cals, 20.0 miles, 1:06 time

Post spin food inhalation: the other half of my bagel, more almond butter, other half of a banana, Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight Granola in a Chobani Pineapple Greek Yogurt.  I also made sure I had a cup of coffee – I didn’t have any yesterday and definitely felt it by noon Smile

post bagel

I baked us Ellie Krieger’s Mac and 4 Cheeses.  Scott actually LOVES this and it’s a good sneaky way to get some vegetables in his diet (there’s a TON of hidden winter squash in here and you can’t taste it Winking smile!)…

Ellie Krieger

Lunch was a salad beast, whole wheat tortilla with hummus, and an apple for dessert



key lime larabar

  • Workout
  • Laundry
  • “Mail Forwarding”
  • Bake some food for the next week
  • Finish wrapping a Bridal shower gift, Bachelorette Party gift, and Wedding
  • Start packing kitchen things
  • meal plan for the entire week – I at least wrote down some stuff Winking smile
  • Hit up Home Depot

Dinner at Modmarket: BBQ Pizza and Potato Leek Soup


Dessert at Ripple Winking smile



Movie: The Black Swan


time to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz