So yesterday’s 5:45am spin class caught up with me around 9:30pm.  Basically, I was dead to the world by then.  I decided to go to a 7am spin class and get to work much later than normal – just to get it out of the way in the a.m. Winking smile.   I had a banana and a Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna bar before heading in for a MONDO workout this morning:

pre work

Workout: Strength and Cardio

3 sets each of: Wood chops, seated chest press, seated alternating row, shoulder press, adduction, abduction, leg extensions, leg curls

45 minute spin class: Endurance Ride in 3 stages

Totals (cardio only): ~454 cals, 16.2 miles, 51 minutes

Refueling was a Cinnamon Spice Alternative Bagel, a packet of Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter, and a Chobani Raspberry Greek Yogurt.  Heavy loading on the breakfast?? Absolutely Winking smile This held me over happily until lunch (3.5 hours or so)


Complete leftovers again – same as yesterday.  Roasted Tempeh/veggies with red quinoa, tea, and an orange.  Still tastes amazing on the third meal, but I’m sort of glad this is gone now! Something different for tomorrow for sure!


Afternoon munchies were crackers, cheese, and more tea (a few handfuls of granola…). Not eventful but I didn’t have time to even think about taste Sad smile.  Busy busy busy work day!


There’s not much up on my plate tonight.  I think Scott and I might hit up Home Depot for more house ideas, or we’ll pack, but that’s it.  I’m getting the jitters because we CLOSE tomorrow on the house SmileSmile We will be official homeowners Open-mouthed smile

We’re going to be hitting renovations hard as soon as we get the house, but there will still be tons of work to do when we’re done with the 2 rooms we planned on fixing first.  Here’s a sneak peak at the current place:

Family Room – enough said (or shown!)

Office to Family Room

Office – wallpaper needs to go

Office 2

Kitchen – nothings been updated in like… 20 years


Master Bedroom (trust me, it’s HUGE)

Master Bedroom

Everything will eventually be white – no brown trim.  That’s a good year’s worth of work though (not even mentioning the unfinished basement…)

Have a great night!