Hope you had a great weekend and Mother’s Day! Scott and I went to church with our moms yesterday and took them out to brunch.  It was a wonderful afternoon, but then we spent the next 6 or so hours packing Sad smile.  We’re getting really close to being done (I think), but there’s just going to be a ton of last minute things – mainly all the kitchen stuff.  I can’t bear to pack it all up right now “just in case” we need it this week!

I switched up the routine a little bit today since I had a crazy work week last week.  I assumed today would be impossible to get away for lunch, and we’ve got the walkthrough for our house tonight.  My only option ended up being an insanely early 4:45am spin class.  Scott thinks I plan WAY too far ahead in such things – I call it prioritizing Winking smile.

I chowed down on half a banana and half a Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar before.

pre workout

Just to note, the Luna bar isn’t supposed to be shiny by any means (the white part), it’s supposed to look like it’s got sprinkled coconut on it.  It got to about 80 degrees yesterday in Boulder and since Scott is a real stickler on using air conditioning (AC = $$), ALL the chocolate in the apartment went a little mushy Sad smile.  I’m not sure he realized that I turned it on before we went to bed (and then shut it off when I got up) Winking smile.  I hate sweating when I’m sleeping Sad smile

Workout: 45 minute Power Intervals (on levels out of “10”, where 10 is anaerobic or “breathless” state)

Stage 1: 1 minute level 8, 1 minute level 9.  Repeat 3 times

Stage 2: 1 minute level 8.5, 45 seconds level 9.5.  Repeat 5 times

Stage 3: 1 minute level 8.5, 20 seconds level 10.  Repeat 8 times

Totals: ~436 cals, 47 minutes, 15.1 miles

Honestly it felt great to be back in the class I used to take -I did this early morning class about 3x a week for 7 or 8 months.  There’s absolutely no one on the roads, hardly anyone at the gym, and by the time I’m at my desk I’ve already worked out for the day Open-mouthed smile.

I sat down checking email with overnight oats in a jar! 



½ smashed banana, ½ rolled oats, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla, 1T chia seeds, topped with ~2T Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight granola, Agave, and the PB left in my jar (maybe 1.5T or so).

I was definitely right about today and STOKED I made it to early spin this morning!  I never got a break in the action and worked all through lunch to resolve some design issues that came up last week.  Lunch was eaten at my desk:


Roasted Tempeh and vegetables with Red Quinoa.  I cut up a block of Five Grain Tempeh, a sweet potato, yellow squash, zucchini squash, red pepper, and roasted that at 375 degrees with some Balsamic, Olive Oil, Cumin, and Cayenne Pepper (~25 minutes, mixing halfway).  An apple and an Orange Vitamin Water Zero on the side Winking smile.

Epic lunch AND this made three servings.  Scott won’t touch anything related to veggies/tempeh/quinoa, so I’ve got myself lunch for the next few days.  Yup, my lunch is going to look quite similar tomorrow (sorry…).

Again, this afternoon was filled with more meetings and running around the lab (will the madness ever end??).  I had a Chocolate Coconut chew Larabar in between meetings to keep my stomach at bay until dinner.


But that didn’t work so I had a small handful of Jalapeno Roast Almonds and Kashi Crackers.


Walkthrough for the house Open-mouthed smile I hope everything was fixed as we asked for it!

More packing

Attempting to finish the massive list of tools we need to get before the end of the week

Sleep.  Holy cow am I going to feel the 4:45am thing in about 2 hours…


I’m planning on getting some pictures of the house tonight so I’ll have good before and after shots Open-mouthed smile