Happy Friday!!  FINALLY, it’s the weekend Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile  I had the most intense day at work, which is the last thing I need right before a break Winking smile.

Breakfast this morning was a Flatout Harvest wheat Flatbread, 2 microwaved eggs, cheese, spinach, salsa, and a banana.  Not too bad for rounding up leftover scraps in the fridge!  Seriously.. grocery shopping happens tomorrow!


Today was absolutely a whirlwind at work.  I received some parts this morning the second I walked in the door and spent the first 4 hours of the morning back in the lab taking them apart to see what was wrong.  I missed any hopes of a mid morning snack so by the time lunch came around I was ravenous (not good!)  I had an Amy’s Light in Sodium Bean and Cheese Burrito, sugar snap peas, a cheese stick, vitamin water zero, an apple, and a few chips. 


I spent the afternoon in more meetings and barely had the change to grab a snack – a Vanilla Almond Luna bar


The rest of the afternoon was stressful! Let’s just say that being pulled into a meeting with 90% of upper management is always nerve-racking!  …

2.5 hours later I was back in the lab taking stuff apart.  I was going to get off around 3 and hit up the gym before heading out tonight with friends, but I got stuck working another 2.5 hours later than anticipated Sad smile

No gym today (fail), but RIGHT after work I grabbed dinner and then headed to the Colorado Chocolate Festival!

Favorite of the night was definitely Robin Chocolates: Key Lime Pie got my vote!

imagerobin chocolates

Other tastes:

mini tuffles




chocolate cake 

(yup, that’s a real cake you’re looking at!!)

caramel apples

I couldn’t stomach a caramel apple by the end, but they looked delicious!

Going to sleep off the chocolate coma Smile