Halfway through the week already Open-mouthed smile.  I’ve got a super quick post again tonight – it’s probably our last game night with our neighbors as we’ll be doing house related things for the next month.  I’ve got to post, pack up for tomorrow, and get a side dish together before they show up in 45 minutes Surprised smile

Breakfast this morning was a near identical one to yesterday… a trip to the store is probably in order soon because I honestly don’t have much to choose from right now.  I’m getting shamefully sick of the same stuff…


This one was a Chobani Pomegranate Greek yogurt, 1 sliced banana (half on the toast), 1T chia seeds, ~3T Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight Granola, sprouted grain toast, and Agave.  This held me over today for 4.5 hours!! I did down some coffee and two glasses of tea however Winking smile.

For lunch I had packed up a PB&J on a Flatout flatbread, with a packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, ~1.5T wheat germ, ~2T strawberry jam, very dead baby carrots, and a Gala apple.  Right after this, I got outside (finally) for about a 20 minute walk around the park while chatting with my mom Smile.


My afternoon “pick me up” was a Key Lime Larabar. 


I’ll never get sick of eating free food (I’ve still got about 3 of these bars leftover from what my coworker keeps giving me).  Cinnamon Apple Spice tea was downed x2.  Yesterday’s spin class finally caught up with me and gave me the munchies– I had a cheese stick and a ton of crackers shortly after the Larabar + tea. (~4x the crackers shown).

cheese n crackers

I heard that “Curried pan fried red potato and pork with snow peas” is up on the dinner menu for tonight so I’m STOKED SmileSmile I ❤ curry and our neighbors are excellent cooks!

Time to frantically run around to accomplish things.  See you tomorrow Winking smile