Happy Friday (and Earth Day)!!  I am SO excited for this weekend Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile We’ve got a full schedule so it’s going to be hectic, but fun!

I woke up so unmotivated to pack food (we don’t have much anyways) I planned on relying on Whole Paycheck Foods for my lunch.  Let’s just say that next week I’ll be surrounded by some of the most unhealthy food that I wanted to stock up on as many nutrients now as possible Winking smile.  In attempts to empty out some of the fridge, breakfast was my last yogurt (Chobani Strawberry), my last banana, the last of my canned pumpkin, ~1T chia seeds, my last Van’s Multigrain waffle, and the last of my Love Grown Foods Raisin Almond Crunch granola.


Mid morning a vendor brought in Einstein’s Bagels… and of course I couldn’t pass that up.  I grabbed a cranberry one (I think) and spread some Honey Almond Cream cheese on it.  Ok… scratch the whole “filling up on good nutrients” for this one..

snack bagel

Lunch was a ton better – I still ended up at the WF hot bar and filled one of the small to-go containers:


Turkey dumplings, quinoa salad, chickpea masala, tofu masala with peas, Indian chicken salad, romaine lettuce at the bottom, and chicken enchiladas.  I also grabbed my favorite flavor of Kombucha, Guava Goddess.  They even gave me a free reusable bag because it’s Earth Day Open-mouthed smile

earth day bag

Halfway gone through the food (and a better picture than before)…it looks a mess but was aaahhhmazing!

halfway gone lunch

Whole Paycheck? $15 for lunch?  Yup I did.  I was STUFFED with carbs/nutrients/protein and sooooo prepared for an evening workout.

Right before I hit up the gym, I downed one of these.  I have no idea how I was hungry after all the stuff I crammed in the box from WF… image

Workout: Strength and Cardio

Wood chops, seated chest press, seated alternating row, shoulder press, adduction, abduction, leg extensions, leg curls

I finished up with 30 minutes on the AMT

Totals: ~326 cals, 36 minutes

I’ve still got quite a bit to do this weekend before my trip next week.  I most likely won’t be blogging until mid week, and may only blog once or twice while I’m gone.  Scott and I have so much going on in the next month that I think I need this time to concentrate on other things outside of our house (our friends’ wedding is coming up and I haven’t had any time to do the things I need to for it Sad smile).  I’m sure the quiet nights in the hotel will leave me plenty of time to get things crossed off my list Open-mouthed smile

Have a great weekend!