Last night was a late one for me as game night went well past midnight.  I only got about 6 hours of sleep because I wanted to try and change up the times of my workout (again).  I tried out a 7am spin class in hopes of finding that to be easier than rushing off during my lunch hour (but I would get into work much later than normal).  I fueled up on half a super dead banana and a S’mores Jr. Clif bar right before I left.

pre workout 

Workout: 45 minute Energized Endurance Ride

Totals: ~480 cals, 15.5 miles, 52 minutes

Not too bad for a morning ride.  Once we move into our house, this will be a class that I would still be able to get to before work without too much rushing around (it beats trying to get across town to a 5:45 am!)

Once I sat down at my desk, I toasted a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel, and topped it with a packet of Justin’s Classic peanut butter, another ½ banana, and had a Chobani Pineapple Greek yogurt and coffee. 


I packed in quite the breakfast today, that’s for sure!   By the end of this I’d gotten in a good 750 cals Open-mouthed smile.  That’s what they say though, “Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a Pauper”.  Love it.

Since I got into work so late, my lunch schedule was pushed back a bit… but the massive amount of food held me over 4 hours.  Of course I didn’t have time to pack anything so I nuked an Amy’s Light in Sodium Vegetable Lasagna, and had baby carrots and black berries on the side. 


Oh, and Cinnamon Apple Spice tea was a necessity as well.  I love Amy’s meals! Look at the nutrition and ingredient information on this!

amys ingredients

amys nutrition

Ingredients that are recognizable and a pretty darn good protein kick!

Dessert was a walk around the business park and two squares of Lindt Dark chocolate with Sea Salt.  The bar somehow disappeared in 3 days….


In between a few meetings today (and during one of them) I nibbled on Kashi crackers and a cheese stick. 


Tonight is a late post – Scott and I headed out to our house to get some measurements of rooms.  We hit up a Home Depot right after that to price out some hardwood flooring, baseboards, carpet, countertops, and to pick paint colors (again).  I ended up doing more running around today than I wanted to.  Hopefully tomorrow is more relaxing, especially since it’s Friday!