Happy mid-work week!

Scott and I were up way too late playing Portal 2 last night…it is seriously one of the greatest, mind boggling games I’ve ever played.  I did manage to get home slightly early from work and pack up today’s food before the gaming madness started though…

This morning’s batch of overnight oats was super thick because I was trying to balance having pumpkin and banana in there:

overnight oats

½ cup rolled oats, ½ smashed banana, ¼ cup canned pumpkin, 2T chia seeds, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ½ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp vanilla, 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, topped with 2T Love Grown Granola, 1T Peanut Butter, 1T Strawberry Jam.  Including the toppings, this topped out at about 480 calories Open-mouthed smile.  YUM!  The extra tablespoon of chia seeds made it super thick and creamy… <3!

About halfway through eating breakfast, I realized that Scott and I COMPLETELY forgot to resign our loan documents for the house (first time around the loan officer spelled our last name wrong… we didn’t notice until we signed all 61 pages).  I made a quick call and he ended up having to come to my work (I get to my work way before he even leaves for his) to sign.  Minor fail of the day, but at least he didn’t get all the way to work before we realized it!  It only took about 15 minutes this time because we knew what/where to sign Winking smile

The overnight oats were phenomenal at holding me over today… The extra amount of oats and chia seeds really beefed it up.  I’ve got to keep that on a mental note for next time!  Lunch was about 4 hours after my oats (no snacking today) – I had mixed up a small tuna salad with 1 can chunk light tuna in water, a few chopped baby carrots, ~1T Dijon mustard, and spinach.  I had this on a new wrap (for me), some Cinnamon Apple Spice tea, and an apple on the side. 


The wrap was a Flatout  Harvest Wheat Flatbread.  It claims 100% stone ground whole wheat, but I’m less than ecstatic about the ingredient list… 


ingredients flatout

The store I was at trying to get more “tortillas” didn’t have what I wanted, so I bought these to try.  They don’t taste bad by any means, but what scares me is how stretchy these are.  Honestly, I’m sure there’s so much gluten in there ( = why it’s so stretchy) you could probably wrap a gift with it.  Taste is good, but ingredient list + texture  is kind of a turnoff!  I already think I eat way too many processed foods, but my time and money situation sort of leads me to do so (ok… AND my job).  It’s just a matter of what types of processed stuff I choose from.  I’d prefer less “scary” ingredients but I definitely buy things I’d rather not know what’s in them (they taste good Sad smile).

Right after lunch I braved the cold (40 degrees), and went out for a 20 minute walk outside.  It’s a scheduled rest day for me and I wanted to do something besides sit at my desk all day… My hands were frozen when I got back so I nuked up another batch of tea Open-mouthed smile.

And, speaking of all the processed crud, here’s a great example of it with my afternoon snack.  An Odwalla Dark Chocolate Chip Walnut bar.  Couldn’t be more processed (it’s slightly better than the wrap as far as “strange ingredients” on the list), but again, it was cheap when I bought it, and it tastes good Sad smile (I wish it didn’t). 


odwalla ingredients

Right after work I headed out to find some items for my trip next week.  The dress code at my other office puts my current wardrobe to shame (jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans Winking smile)! I bought a few shirts on a whim (need to decide if I want to bring them back later), but still need some shoes.  Somehow I need to find the time to go out again before Friday… but we’re scheduled to go to our house tomorrow to measure things for renovations.   Not quite sure how that’s going to work out just yet.

We’ve got a game night with the neighbors planned so I’ve got to publish this thing and make a side dish before they show up!

Have a great night!