One more day – it’s a short week for me!! Open-mouthed smile (As I mention just about every other week, a 9-80 schedule ROCKS)

We’ve completely hit the mid-week, empty refrigerator, food slump today…It’s the difference of me going grocery shopping last Friday instead of Sunday. Oops. 

Breakfast was super similar to just about every other breakfast I’ve had this week: a toasted whole wheat bagel thin, PB, a sliced up pear, cinnamon, and Love Grown Raisin Almond Crunch granola

pear bagel

I ate this at home this morning while the huz was drawing me up a diagram of how he wants to lay out the kitchen during renovations!  How cute is that?!  Maybe Scott will actually use the kitchen more since we’ll have the room Winking smile

A few hours into a craaaaaazy work day, I got the carb-muchies (and it was cold out and a yogurt sounded gross at the time).  I nuked a packet of Oat Revolution Cinnamon and Spice Oatmeal and threw in a crumbled piece of Chocolate Zucchini bread.  


Apple Spice tea was served on the side.  This held me over for a good three hours Open-mouthed smile

My lunch was thrown together this morning with anything and everything I could find: 2 grilled chicken tenders, black beans, the last of our spinach, baby carrots, and a bag of chips.  (Did I mention I was on a carb thing today??).  I stupidly forgot to pack any sort of dressing though, so it was all kind of dry. At least I didn’t have to eat out and spend more moola Winking smile


While I ate this (straight out of the spinach container), apparently there was some leftovers from a vendor luncheon and they brought in the extra food to the break room – pizza… 



I didn’t take any of it but OMGOSH look what else they brought? 


What vendor provides Larabars (they brought about 12 of them)?!  Crazy, but awesome!  I snatched up two of ‘em but ate one for dessert…

Work slowed down for me quite a lot this afternoon, only because of the complete indecisiveness of people.  As of 2:45 yesterday, I was set up for a business trip on Monday.  This morning I was given the green flag by my boss for travel expenses.  Two hours later I got a call asking to postpone the trip another week (or two… or three) by the same guy who called yesterday afternoon (uuhh… what just happened??).  This morning was chalk full of organizing hotels/expenses/flights, and since that all died I didn’t have much else to do.  We’re still winding down particular projects, so it’s hit or miss if I’m needed for design work.

My afternoon snack/pre workout did in fact turn out to be the larabar I ate earlier.  I had a yogurt saved but wasn’t very hungry since I ate such a late lunch (1:30pm)

Workout: Strength and Cardio

woodchops (3 sets of 12, both sides), seated chess press (3 sets of 12), seated alternating row (3 sets of 16), shoulder press (3 sets of 12)

finished up with ~30 minutes (and cool down) on the AMT

Totals (cardio only): ~326 cals, 36 minutes

We’ve got game night tonight so I need to go drum up some dinner for the huz and I SUPER fast.  Usually I don’t work out on Wednesdays so I normally have more time to do this…except there were strange car issues to deal with yesterday so THAT turned out to be my “rest day”.