Very cliché title, yes.  However it’s SO TRUE!  After spending tons of money on a house, Scott’s car inevitably broke last night – he said that every time he changed the direction of the car it felt like there was something rattling underneath the floor by his feet.  He had my car today and his in the shop (I was hoping I didn’t have to walk home!) Thankfully, it didn’t cost us our first born child…(more to come on that later Winking smile)

What’s sort of ironic is that two of our really close friends are moving into their first house in less than two weeks… The guy, Mike, found his back windshield all smashed up the other day.  $700 bucks down the drain for that one!  I hate the little dumb things like this that creep up on you at the worst possible times!

Besides that little fiasco this morning, breakfast was quite delicious! 



(Hmm… in less than a month I’ll have a window to take pictures by Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile No more fake kitchen lighting!)

I had a ginormous Green Monster (1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen spinach, 1 cup almond milk, ½ cup water, 1T chia seeds, ½ scoop Biochem Vanilla Protein Powder), and a half a whole wheat bagel thin with PB and Love Grown granola (Raisin Almond Crunch).  This granola is absolutely rocking my world, and I’m loving the granola +PB combo right now Open-mouthed smile.

Midmorning I had two clementines and a small handful of Jalapeno Smokehouse almonds. 


Scott bought these for me one night last week (he realized I ate all my cinnamon ones?!)… these are pretty darn tasty and have quite a spicy kick to them!

I couldn’t go to my planned noon spin class today as I didn’t have a car.  I waited around for a phone call to tell me a.) when it was going to be fixed and b.) how much my wallet was going to hate me.  I had just planned on a looong walk right after lunch Winking smile – it was about 60 degrees so why the heck not?!

Lunch was super easy today: I had my last whole grain spelt tortilla (must. buy. more), two microwaved eggs, a slathering of avocado, bell pepper slices, and a Chobani Pineapple yogurt.  Water was there too. 


open lunch

Scott’s getting super scared about our finances with the house (I think it’s just a guy thing…), so I’m sure I’m going to be limited to my food shopping in the next few months.  I’m not going to compromise healthy eating, but there’s definitely a few splurges that I’ll have to keep myself from buying (bars, random new food items, eating out, shopping just because I want to…etc).  *tear*

While still waiting around for a call about the car (we dropped it off at 7am and it was 4:30 already) I nervously munched on some Kashi crackers and a cheese stick.


Finally!! A call came just about at 5pm –somehow a AA battery got inside the Heating vents and was rolling around in the car.   WTF??  How the CRUD does a battery get in there???. $200 wasted on unnecessary labor Sad smile… because they had to practically take everything out of the front panel/dashboard of the car to get to it.  Fail.

battery fail

This little thing was monstrously dirty, so it was probably sitting around in there for quite a few years…

At least we can still afford kids one day Open-mouthed smile I think we got lucky on this one.