This morning was pretty rushed!  We never got around to signing a bunch of documents for the house yesterday, so we had to wake up early, sign, scan, and email those out to our Realtor (before church!).  Since that took up an extra 25 minutes, breakfast was completely thrown together at the last minute!

Finally got to bust open my new bag of Love Grown Granola – Raisin Almond Crunch! 

love grown granola

What are the best things about this stuff?? It tastes amazing and it’s 100% local (Right here in Denver, CO) Open-mouthed smile.  Seriously couldn’t ask for a better product!! I can’t wait to try the other flavors – I’m sure this bag won’t last very long…

bowls o stuff

I topped a whole wheat bagel thin with PB and some of this granola (epic. win!), and had a Chobani Raspberry Greek Yogurt with a diced apple and chia seeds.  Please excuse the crumbs all over the bagel plate – … I was running THAT late this morning and didn’t even bother to scrape them off Open-mouthed smile.

Pre workout food/lunch: His and Hers pizzas


Mine (left): whole grain spelt tortilla, hummus, spinach, tomato, red pepper, jalapeno peppers, cheese

Huz’s: white tortilla, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, spinach, tomato, hot dog(?), tons of cheese… at least there was spinach!


Mine all sliced up with a few Food Should Taste Good Cheddar chips Open-mouthed smile (seriously… I just bought a bag on Friday and it’s almost gone… I can NOT have these in my apartment frequently!)

+ half a Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar for me (half for after the workout).  These are actually becoming my favorite flavor!

luna love

Workout: Strength and Cardio

modified pushups, assisted dips, assisted chin ups, lat pull downs, triceps pushdowns

~30 minutes on the AMT

Totals: ~336 cals, 36 minutes (cardio only)

Just a nice light workout – my leg muscles are killing me from a 3 hour hike we took yesterday.  I need to do some stretching at some point tonight too because my muscles are t-ight!

❤ Dinner Open-mouthed smile  Roasted asparagus in Balsamic, whole wheat cous cous, and grilled chicken.  A glass of red wine seemed very fitting for the meal Open-mouthed smile.

wine n dine

Hope you had a great weekend!!