Happy Tuesday bloggies! Open-mouthed smile  We made another offer today on the house we saw last night and I’m honestly sooooo excited about it all.  I know for a fact that we’ll get a counter offer (we low-balled it like crazy), so we’ll have to wait to settle on a price.  I’m uber bummed because if they don’t come down on their offer price a (somewhat) decent amount, we’ll have to walk away again Sad smile.  They’re asking WAY too high for a house that has absolutely zero upgrades since 1995 (the stove is quite scary!).  We’ll just have to see…

Since we were gone for quite a while last night, I didn’t exactly have much time to pack food for today.  I toasted up a whole wheat bagel thin, microwaved 2 eggs, topped it with cheese, and had a side of ~1 cup of blueberries (on sale this week!).  Liquid life (aka coffee) was consumed at my desk Winking smile


A small part of this morning was talking with our Realtor setting up the contract, but besides that, work was pretty slow.  I had a hard time this morning deciding whether or not to hit up a noon spin class or just go workout after work, but things died down even more.  Bring on the noon spin class! Pre-workout fuel was two clementines and a Chocolate Chunk Luna Bar (new flav = insanely delicious). 


I might have also grabbed a few handfuls of Honey Almond Granola on my way out.. and a hershey’s kiss from the front office Open-mouthed smile.

Workout: 45 minute Endurance Ride (again!)

Totals:~405 cals, 15.0 miles, 48 mins

Lunchtime workouts are really hard to get to, but holy cow… does it ever break up your day and make the second half of work seem more reasonable Winking smile.  Once I got back to the office I microwaved an Evol Egg and Potato Burrito.  I thought this was a chicken burrito when I packed it… I wouldn’t have had eggs this morning had I actually looked at the package.   However – it was deeeeelicious!


I topped that with salsa and had spinach and sliced up a yellow pepper with some hummus on the side. Uber colorful lunch.  I suppose doubling up on eggs isn’t the worse thing.. Scott doubled up on bagels before 10am (breakfast + someone brought them in to his work… haha). It’s looking like dinner is going to be a ton of veggies for us both!

Late late this afternoon I finally dug into some Chocolate Zucchini bread that I bought at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend. 


Outrageous Baking makes this stuff and I can’t pass up the booth without buying some!  I bought an entire loaf and just ended up freezing about 2/3 of it last night.  I’ve gotta keep myself from eating it all so soon!

All that’s up for tonight is discussing this house with the huz.  We know they’re coming back with an offer and we really just need to figure out the max value we’re willing to pay for the thing.  I think they’re asking way too high, but I’m not ready to walk away from the house yet.  Finances are a killer!


Have a great night!