This weekend has been busy busy busy!! I’ve been constantly on the move since Friday.  On my Off-Friday, Brittany and I went to pick up my bridesmaids dress for her wedding and we grabbed lunch at Sweet Tomatoes while we were out:


I had a salad from the bar, a slice of bread, and Indian Lentil soup (not pictured).  I started with the Lemon Chicken Orzo soup, but it tasted nasty and was way oversalted, so I went back for something else. 

Some recent eats of this weekend (too busy for all the pictures!):

Whole Wheat Gnocchi w/ marinara and side salad

dinner last night

Saturday breakfast: Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel, pb, banana, strawberry cream cheese, banana, strawberry jam, flaxseed


French toast Buckwheat Bake (with 1/2 cup added blueberries), turned into muffins!

buckwheat bake muffins

muffin alert

(Again, this buckwheat bake made FOUR muffins – and held me over for about 6.5 hours!)

Giganormantic Lunch Bowl from Pei Wei: Teriyaki Vegetables and Tofu w/ Brown Rice.  This is supposed to be two servings – I ate the entire bowl which was the size of my head (and still ate the fortune cookie!)

pei wei

There was a trip to Ripple in there as well – can’t very well forget my new fav Froyo place: (peanut butter, cookies n cream, and mocha latte froyo with a bunch of toppings).  Sorry for the bad photo, we were outside and only had the bad lighting underneath the patio Sad smile


I finally felt well enough to hit up the gym on Saturday too! Open-mouthed smile  I set the level on an AMT pretty low and did a solid 51 minutes!  It wasn’t by any means difficult, but I worked up quite the sweat from it.  It’s seriously one of the best stress relievers and it felt amazing to be back at it from being sick.  I think a spin class is long overdue for tomorrow!

Scott and I did a lot of house hunting this weekend as well – one house is definitely up for a possible offer! Open-mouthed smile    I love love love the house, but we need to do a little bit of research on a particular structural issue.  Hopefully something comes of it!!

We just rented 127 Hours (I know, we’re way behind), so I think a night in is exactly what Scott and I need!  We need some down time before the week starts up again!

I hope you had a great weekend!!