My appetite that is Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile.  It’ll be even better once I can hit up the gym again (maybe a light workout tomorrow…).  I despise being sick, but it’s never a bad thing lying around watching TV and being lazy (occasionally Winking smile).

I reverted back to my usual a.m. craving this morning – carbs and peanut butter.  I toasted up a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel and topped it with PB, sliced banana, and Agave.  The caffeine was grabbed at work.


I ran home really fast over lunch to grab a few things, but just ate while I was there Smile.  I had a hummus/egg/cheese/spinach wrap on a spelt tortilla, a clementine, and a small bag of Sunchips. 


My energy is waaaay back up today so I think I’ll shoot for a short walk later tonight to get my body moving around a little bit.  It’s terribly difficult not to just jump right back into a gym routine (for me), so I just need to stay grounded for another day or so (it’s killing me lol).

Around 3pm or so, I sliced up a Mango I bought at the store on Monday (complete with produce sticker still on).  I don’t remember what kind it is, but it is different than the usual green/red ones you see in the produce section. 



I’ve only bought a Mango once, and it turned out to be super sour, so I sort of lost my taste for them.  This one however, rocked my socks off, even though it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to peel the dumb thing.  I had some cinnamon roast almonds and water too.

About an hour after that I was starving again (yay for eating!!).  I had a Chobani Pomegranate Greek yogurt and quite a few handfuls of granola.  I finished up my last bit of granola too, so now I guess I have to go back to the store Angel.


Usually Wednesday’s are scheduled rest days for me, so why break the system?  I’ll definitely take tonight off and then do some light/moderate(ish) things tomorrow.  That just leaves me more time to pack up for tomorrow’s food-gasms Winking smile.