I ended up back at work today, but took it rrreeeaaallllly slow.  I made it a point to plant my butt at my desk and not move very much.  It snowed here last night in Boulder and it took about all my energy this morning just to scrape the windshield on my car haha.

I started off today with some much needed nutrients – I’ve been 100% lacking in the veggie department for the past few days.  I made a Green Monster: ½ frozen banana, 2 large strawberries, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, ¾ cup frozen spinach.  Coffee was downed at my desk. 

green monster

A little over two hours later I dug into an Apple Pie Larabar. 


My appetite is kind of coming back, but my stomach still can’t handle much food at a time.  It’s just going to be a slow day of food intake Sad smile.  I’m also not feeling so hungry because of the offer on the house – it’s super nerve-racking.  Scott is wavering on the decision, so we might actually might end up retracting the offer Sad smile.

For lunch I had a simple PB&J on sprouted wheat, a clementine, and a diet coke. 


I normally do not drink soda, but I asked Scott to buy me a few of these on Sunday for my nausea (the phosphoric acid in sodas helps with this).  Now they’re just lying around but I’m not nauseous anymore.  It probably wasn’t the best thing to drink to keep me hydrated, but it was better than nothing.  Regular water is terribly difficult for me to drink when I’m sick… it tastes horrible!

Scott and I might grab dinner somewhere tonight so that we can discuss thoughts on this house!  It also might not be a bad idea because then it’d sort of force me to eat a real meal.  I think over the past three days I’ve barely been able to consume 2000 calories Sad smile (probably not even 700 today..).  Hydration and some nutrients are needed right now, and I desperately want my appetite back (and some gym time)!!  Tylenol only does so much for you…