The huz and I had a date night and went out to dinner and saw the movie Limitless.  It comes as a highly recommended movie by both of us Open-mouthed smile.  Definitely a good way to unwind on a Friday night!

For the first time in who knows how long, I slept a good 8 hours and woke up feeling fantastic.  I stuck with the typical Saturday morning big breakfast, but I could NOT decide if I wanted another buckwheat bake, buckwheat muffins, or pancakes. Then there was the issue of whether or not I wanted fresh strawberries, banana, or apple mixed in.(Believe me, deciding what to eat becomes a huge ordeal for me.  There are just way too many yummy things in life to choose from!).  Scott started cracking up when I ended up with this mess…


I used an Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Pancake and Waffle Mix to start.

My big of fail of today this morning was that halfway down the list I forgot to keep halving the recipe (Scott does NOT like buckwheat… yet Winking smile), and ended up pouring way too much almond milk in the mix.  To supplement that, I added 1T chia seeds to hopefully soak up some of the liquid (I still only wanted to make 1 serving of pancakes out of this).  That didn’t work, so I added a few small handfuls of rolled oats.  Still liquidy Sad smile.  I poured in more of the pancake mix and then threw in a few fresh sliced strawberries.  Overall it was still a bit runny, but that just meant I was going to get flat pancakes Open-mouthed smile.

This still made a total of 6 5” pancakes, so now I’ve got breakfast for tomorrow already made Smile.  To continue the random array of ingredients, I topped each pancake with something different: strawberry jam/honey almond granola, chocolate coconut butter/shredded coconut/walnuts, and banana/peanut butter.  All three had maple syrup.

pancakes and coffee

This is what usually happens when I don’t plan out food Open-mouthed smile

We were planning another hike this morning, but my body is seriously way too tired.  I’m not sure I’d make it up the mountain without getting “shaky leg syndrome”.  I haven’t had a rest day this week either, so I suggested we just take a good looooong walk around town Open-mouthed smile.

Have a great morning!