Happy Thursday! Only one more day until freedom!! Open-mouthed smile

When I woke up this morning, I had some delicious overnight oats waiting for me *drools*.  It was the usual mix: 1/3 cup Muesli, 2/3 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, ½ smashed banana, 1T chia seeds, 1T rolled oats, 1 tsp vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon… topped with a blob of PB, Agave, and Kashi Go Lean Protein cereal. 


Coffee was downed at my desk.

I was super stressed this morning – we had a vendor in the office and I was part of all the meetings/discussions of new products.  My midmorning snack was eaten in the car on the way to do some offsite testing.  I had a baggie of cinnamon almonds, cinnamon Quaker oatmeal squares, and raisins.   By the time I got back, I decided to hit up a noon spin class as everyone was already gone for lunch Winking smile.


Workout: 45 minute “Hill” Ride

Totals: ~418 cals, 13.4 miles, 48 mins

Definitely a somewhat failed class today – we were pushing watts for looooong periods of time.  My legs were dead from yesterday’s workout! 

Lunch was l-a-t-e today, almost 2pm!  I nuked a Kashi Black Bean Mango dinner, sliced up an orange pepper, and ate a Chobani Pomegranate Yogurt and had water. 



Still loving sliced bell peppers; they are SUPER sweet!!

I didn’t check my calendar much today, so I realized once I sat down for lunch I had only 10 minutes to eat it before a meeting.  For some reason, the Kashi dinner was super  spicy!!  My mouth was burning the hole hour and a half meeting Sad smile.

Right after I got out of that, my stomach started growling again.  All I had time to grab was a Chocolate Luna Protein bar


This is a new flavor I picked up last weekend while at the store, and it was just as good as any other Luna bar I’ve had.  ❤ chocolate chewiness!! 

Scott’s gone for the evening at some work function, so I get the apartment all to myself Open-mouthed smile.  I see some scheming in the kitchen happening… maybe I’ll bake something since I have some quiet time!!