Scott came home last night pretty darn sick; he went straight to the couch and sat/slept for about 3 hours! I went to bed super early too because Boulder had 60 mph winds last night, and our apartment windows were howling the whole night Sad smile. Caffeine was very needed today!

Since it’s a rest day for me (well, I planned it to be), I took the time to make another French Toast Buckwheat Bake! I made it exactly like I did this weekend.

buckwheat bake again

Still. Rocks. My. World. Still holds me over for about 5-6 hours too!! I saved this one for a rest day otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fuel properly before a noon workout. Breakfast was at 7am, lunch didn’t happen until 12:30pm, with no snack!


I packed up a salad while I was making my salad for dinner yesterday – spinach, cucumbers, avocado, baby carrots, grilled chicken, balsamic, celery, and a yogurt + water. I also munched on a bag of chips while taking a good 20 minute walk outside.


Our email servers were still down today, but I still had a ton of work to do.  I ended up having to stay late again, but I munched on an apple and peanut butter late in the afternoon.


I basically just ate the apple… and then the guy I was talking to in the break room had to just sit there and watch me eat 2-3 more spoonful’s of peanut butter right out of the jar.  He gave me a really weird look to which I replied, “Yup, it’s peanut butter and it rocks my world Open-mouthed smile.  I’d rather just eat that as a snack and forget about the apple…” 

Once I finally got home, I found Scott laying on the couch still sick Sad smile (he had to skip work).  Since we decided to stay home from our friend’s game night, I attempted my at home strength training session that I made in January (and went through everything twice!).  It was supposed to be a rest day… but I’m just the kind of person that can’t sit at my desk all day, and then come home and sit around on the couch.  After that routine, I’m definitely down for watching a movie with the sickly husband Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile.

I think we’re about two seasons behind on House – that might be the show up to watch tonight!