Can you guess by the title how “productive” my day was?? Winking smile

Breakfast this morning was two Van’s Multi-Grain Waffles, PB, sliced banana, Agave, and honey almond granola from Sprouts. (eaten at my table again! Open-mouthed smile)


I grabbed a mug of coffee at work and immediately jumped into finishing up some work from yesterday.

The morning went by fast (thankfully!!), but died down around lunch time.  Aka.. I indeed have time for a workout over lunch!  I had a Larabar Chocolate Coconut Chew about an hour before a spin class.


I also had a few small handfuls of cinnamon almonds, raisins, and Kashi heart to heart cereal right before getting to the gym.

snack bag

Workout: 45 minute Endurance Ride

Totals: ~454 cals, 14.7 miles, 52 minutes

My legs burn from that one!  Good thing tomorrow is an off day.

As soon as I got back to work, I had to help a coworker with a few things, so lunch was delayed another 20 minutes.  This isn’t ideal by any means because I definitely try to refuel within an hour of a hard workout like that (and I had been done for about 30+ minutes already). I finally dug into my turkey, hummus, spinach quesadilla on a spelt tortilla, a Chobani Greek yogurt with honey, and a sliced yellow pepper.


It’s really crazy to me how sweet a pepper tastes – I’m loving eating these things just sliced up recently.

After I finally got back to my computer, I saw the dreaded message, “Microsoft Office Outlook is synchronizing folders”.  Aka… email servers completely died.  Turned out that hitting up my spin class over lunch was a great idea Open-mouthed smile.

Three and a half hours later servers were still down… and then our internet completely died Annoyed.  I decided to be somewhat productive and eat Open-mouthed smile – I finished off the baggie of almonds, cereal, and raisins from earlier, and had an apple.


I pretty much just left after that…. definitely wasn’t getting anything done.  A short day means I’ve got time to cook dinner for the sickly husband!

Off to make a boring day more interesting Open-mouthed smile.