Hope you had a decent Monday; I definitely could have used just one more day off.  My legs are still super sore from our hike on Saturday! I even skipped a strength training session yesterday to let them rest up a bit…but I might have done a few sets of pushups/bicep curls/planks out of sheer boredom from cleaning the apartment.  That counts for something, right? Winking smile

This morning I actually woke up in time to have breakfast at my table, not at my desk!  I had a toasted Sweet Wheat Alternative bagel, 2 microwaved eggs, cheese, and a sliced pear with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Very uncolorful yellow-ish meal (but still tasty)!


Mid morning I fueled up for a spin class with a Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna bar and ½ of a banana. 


In Love with this new flavor of Luna bar! It tastes JUST like a Samoa girl scout cookie Open-mouthed smile – which are my fav! Good thing I bought a couple more…

Workout: Spin Class – Power Intervals

Tabatas, 3 minute time trials, random intervals

Totals: ~452 cals, 13.2 miles, 47 minutes

I definitely didn’t bike myself stupid today by any means.  I just wanted to stretch out a little and slow down the soreness.  Post-spin food was leftovers a complete repeat from dinner last night, Chris’s Breaded Tempeh, water, half a baked sweet potato with cinnamon, and balsamic roasted asparagus.  Mega. Yum.

lunch leftovers

Dinner looked a lot nicer:

dinner last night

And now for a disgusting random fact of the day: 

Asparagus is said to contain a chemical called methyl mercaptan, which the body breaks down within 15-20 minutes of consuming it, and is excreted in the urine.  Only about about half the population has the great misfortune of possessing the gene required to smell this stinky chemical.  My question to you is…

Can you smell it? (I can Sad smile)