I have no idea what I would do without weekend pancakes!!  That’s something I look forward to every single Saturday since it’s the only day out of the week that I can sleep in!  There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed, making breakfast in my pjs, and lounging around all morning with Scott Open-mouthed smile.

Today’s mix was Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix (from my box of goodies).  I followed the instructions on the back but mixed in a flax egg because we ran out of regular eggs (1T ground flax + 2T water, warmed), and I added half a chopped pear.pancakes

pancakes and coffee

The batter made about 5 small pancakes – I ate three Open-mouthed smile.  Topped them with peanut butter, maple syrup, shredded coconut, half a sliced pear, cinnamon, and Honey Almond granola I got at the store yesterday.  I’ve never had buckwheat pancakes before, but according to Scott this definitely doesn’t “taste like dirt!”

Scott is a.) still in recovery mode with a major headache from last nights outing, and b.) trying to decide if he even wants to attempt “buckwheat”.  Maybe cover up “the dirt” taste with a little more toppings and he’ll eat them!

We had plans to go hiking this morning, but I’m not sure Scott’s up to it.  I just might find my way to the gym later this afternoon Winking smile

Have a great morning!