Today’s plans worked out better than expected!  Scott managed to roll out of bed by a decent hour and we got a good 2.5 hour hike in!  MUCH better than in indoor spin class (which was my backup if Scott wasn’t going to make it out).

View from the bottom…


Failed camera picture of both of us…


View from the top!

view from the top

It was a gorgeous day for our first hike this year –sunny and about 50 degrees!!  We split a Clif bar up at the top while just enjoying the view.snackeroo

Peanut Butter owns my soul Open-mouthed smile <3.

After another hour+ hike down the trail, we were both ready for lunch.  I made a turkey sandwich on sprouted wheat bread with hummus and smushed avocado, and a side salad.  lunch

I was still hungry so I tried a yogurt that I see bloggers raving about all the time.  Siggi’s (Acai and Mixed Berries) yogurt with Kashi Honey Puff Cereal.


I’ve never tried one of these before because they’re usually way expensive (~$2 a pop), but I grabbed one anyways yesterday just because I was curious.  Honestly, it was just okay, not quite worth the bill if you ask me.  I’m still partial to Fage and Chobani (and they’re cheaper!).

Off for some fun for a friends birthday!! Night!