Ohmygosh!! Did you watch The Bachelor finale last night?!  I was soooo afraid of who he was going to choose based on how the show seemed to skew Brad’s thoughts.  It was the most romantic proposal EVER, and I’m stoked about it!!

I was absolutely glued to my tv last night, so I was somewhat poorly prepared with food today.  Breakfast was made on the spot, and super fast.  I had an orange, a toasted whole wheat mini bagel with an egg and cheese, and a small bowl of Kashi Go Lean Protein and Honey Puff cereal with milk.


The meal could have definitely used some peanut butter, but I was saving that for my lunch…

My midmorning snack seems to come like clockwork – around 10:30!  I munched on a Cookies n Cream Luna bar and was going to eat a banana as well, but felt that’d be way way too carby for a pre-workout snack.  I wanted some protein so I grabbed some cinnamon crack almonds and saved the banana for later.


image (source)

Workout: 45 minutes Endurance Intervals

Totals: ~428 cals, 14.5 miles, 50 mins

Lunch was really what I was looking forward today (peanut butter + carbs = me in heaven!). 


I refueled with a PB&J with wheat germ, a Chobani Pineapple yogurt, water, and the banana I didn’t eat earlier.  I was starving when I got back that I ate so quickly I didn’t even care that my bread was sort of freezer-burned.  Definitely gotta put that on this week’s grocery list…

A few hours later I was starving again –


I had a bunch of baby carrots with salsa and hummus (the hummus was covered up) to hold me over until Scott and I headed out for dinner.  Olive Garden gift card = no cooking night OFF!  Tomorrow is also a day off (exercise) for me, so oh dear am I looking forward to that!  

I’ve got a lunch planned with my friend Brittany and her Aunt tomorrow so that we can start planning Brittany’s bridal shower (she’s getting married in June).  It’s going to be so much fun (and relaxing)!

Nighty night!