Hope you had a good day!

Scott and I ran out last night to go look at another house, but we’re still not set on anything Sad smile.  The patience is killing me haha.  I ended up heading to bed around 10pm because I was dead tired from waking up at 4:45 Winking smile

This morning I made quite a large breakfast – dinner was skimpy last night due to how tired I was.  I toasted a whole wheat mini bagel – half with peanut butter, half with strawberry cream cheese and strawberry jam, and also had two scrambled eggs with salsa and grapes. 


My morning absolutely flew by – I’m starting some new projects and am spending a ton of time in meetings trying to understand everything Open-mouthed smile.  Before hitting up a noon spin class, I had a Cookies n Cream Luna bar


I definitely could have eaten a little bit more, but any more food probably would have caused some stomach issues while riding Winking smile.

Workout: Peak Performance Day (aka.. pretend it’s Race Day and annihilate yourself)

Totals: ~430 cals, 15.2 miles, 51 mins

Aka… I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g when I got back for lunch…

Lunch was leftovers from dinner Monday night (this was dinner… and looks more appealing than my lunch Open-mouthed smile)


– a red quinoa mixture of sorts.


In it were sautéed onions, garlic, black beans, edamame, red bell pepper, celery, tomato sauce, garlic powder, crushed red pepper.  I cooked the red quinoa in my rice cooker, and then sautéed the rest of the ingredients in a pan with olive oil, and then mixed it all together.  I also had a salad on the side with cucumbers, balsamic, and broccoli slaw, water, and homemade “chips”.  The chips were ½ square of a wonton wrapper, baked at ~375 degrees with a bit of cinnamon and sugar on top.  These things are SUPER crunchy when done and I love that!

The afternoon continued with more meetings, paperwork… blah blah.. a bunch of boring stuff.  I grabbed a ginormous Fuji apple and downed that right before a meeting (downed = no picture), and then afterwards I wanted something salty! Spin class = sweaty = replenishment of electrolytes.  I had nothing salty but a bag of chips hidden in my desk stash – that seemed to do the trick Winking smile.


Things over the past few days have been absolutely crazy – tomorrow is a rest day for me so I’m hoping to use that time wisely!  I’ve got some of The Bachelor and American Idol to watch tonight Smile.

OH! But as I’m writing this, Scott came home with some flowers for no reason Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile 



Gerbera Daisies – these look amazing!! Haha, ok, NOW I’m off to bigger and better things (lounging around on the couch most likely.. and cooking some dinner!)