Happy  Friday!! Open-mouthed smile

Today was an Off-Friday for me, which was a terribly GREAT thing because I spent a good portion of the night cradled around the porcelain god… and needed some extra sleep.  Last nights burger was once again brutally rejected by my body.  TMI?!  Absolutely Winking smile; but I couldn’t very well lie and say that I can definitely eat crud like that frequently.  It’s not the first time that a greasy burger has backfired on me about 6-7 hours later, but for some reason I seem to never learn my lesson.  Just goes to show you when you eat pretty healthy, your body is very able to recognize more unhealthy foods and tell you not to eat them!!  Lesson learned (at least for another 6 months or so!!).

I actually woke up a little hungry after all that (not sure how that happened!), but I wanted to keep it light.  I had a toasted mini whole wheat bagel, 1/2 sliced banana, PB, and a sample of the Red Raspberry and Pomegranate St. Dalfour jam that I got a few days ago.


Workout: ~1hr Strength Training

Wood chops, chest press, alternating seated row, seated shoulder press, adduction, abduction, leg extensions, seated leg curls, seated cable row, squats with dumbbells, bench dips (body weight), bicep curls, reverse lunges, triceps press, planks (1 min front, 1 min each side), seated cable row

Definitely going to feel that tomorrow Winking smile.

I was intending on making a protein shake when I got back, but I was Hun-Gary!!  I wanted something solid so I made a yogurt bowl.  Fage 0% Blueberry Acai, chia seeds, cinnamon quaker oatmeal crack, and cinnamon roasted almonds.  I also had some coffee in the largest mug I own.  ❤ Taz, don’t hate! Winking smile


This afternoon was spent running all over town with my mom, snacking, shopping… the usual.


Tall, decaf, skinny, vanilla latte

tall skinny vanilla latte

Then we ended up going out for some Mediterranean food, so I took her to Garbanzo.


Whole Wheat pita, falafel, chicken shwarma, tahini, red cabbage, vegetable salad, hummus, lettuce.  Love Open-mouthed smile

The rest of today is definitely going to be relaxing – a recovery day might be in the works tomorrow!  We’ve also got a b-u-s-y weekend ahead so I won’t be blogging for a few days Winking smile

Have a great weekend!!