Last day of the work week (for me at least!) Open-mouthed smile!  Getting going this morning was tough because I went to bed way too late – I’m reading The Confession by John Grisham and it’s absolutely rocking my world right now.  I did manage to complete a ton of multi-tasking and cook up a super decent breakfast before work though!


I had a veggie omelet with spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower, topped with a dash of cheese and blob o’ salsa… and a side of two kiwis and a toasted whole wheat mini bagel with some Earth Balance on it.  This is my multi-tasking at its finest Winking smile – heat canola oil in pan while blow-drying hair, cook omelet while packing my lunch/snacks, eat while simultaneously playing with the cat Smile.  Oh win!

The morning was still as slow as ever Sad smile.  Our break room reno is somewhat nearing completion though!  We’ve been without a working dishwasher since November (when it broke), and JUST this week the lease people started working on it (it look long enough – we were negotiating stuff for months…).  Anyways, we’ve been listening to drilling/cutting/hammering/radios/guys working ALL week, but hopefully by Monday we’ll have a functioning space again.  There’s been no place to eat for a week, and it’s SO quiet in my office area that I feel bad eating a salad… the stuff is just too crunchy for such a quiet place and apparently it annoys people haha.

Eggs always hold me over longer that I want them too…and I wasn’t terribly hungry for a pre-workout snack/meal, but I was still hungry enough to eat my bananadilla – mini spelt tortilla, PB, ½ sliced banana, granola, microwaved. 


Yummy carb/protein snack that blasts me through a spin class Open-mouthed smile  I did eat this a little later than planned so I felt a teeeensy bit full during my workout…

Workout: 45 minute Power Intervals

Warm up, 3 x 2 min power interval, 2 x 3 minute PI, 1 x 4 min PI, 1 x 2 min PI, Cool down

Totals: ~471 cals, 16.4 miles, 57mins  Open-mouthed smile

Post workout meal was a Chobani Pineapple Greek Yogurt and a salad that I picked up from my gym. 


close up salad

I decided against the frozen dinner I was going to pack because Scott and I were planning on going out to dinner and I didn’t want to overdo the sodium intake too much today. The salad was really good, but when they say “Roasted Red Pepper” they really only mean one teeny sliver Sad smile

Around 5:30 I grabbed an orange to hopefully hold me over until we made it out to dinner… which was Reuben’s Burger Bistro in Boulder.


The Hampsten with sweet potato fries.  Insane food overload tonight today (I ate about 80% of the burger because the rest was WAY too soggy, and nearly the whole pile o’ fries…), and now I’m probably going to regret eating so much grease…


Time to catch up on some American Idol! Open-mouthed smile