Happy Tuesday!!  I’m slowly catching back up on some sleep so hopefully the rest of the week isn’t too hard on me Winking smileThe Bachelor kept me up a little last night (I had to record it and watch it a bit later), but I’m STOKED about who Brad chose as his final 3 women Open-mouthed smile! (I’m still voting Emily!)

I had a little extra time this morning too because Scott had to get up and out for work eaarrrly.  That saved me enough time to sit and eat a big yogurt bowl and a green monster!

breakfast smoothie

Green monster: ½ frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup frozen spinach, 1 scoop wheat grass, 1T peanut butter, ~3T water

Yogurt bowl: chobani strawberry, ½ apple, 1T chia seeds, 1/3 kashi golden goodness cereal

Not gonna lie… SUPER filling breakfast; I could barely eat everything.

Work was still really slow today – I’ve just been waiting to receive some parts from vendors so I’m really not doing much right now.  I munched on raisins, cinnamon crack almonds, and cinnamon Quaker oatmeal squares as a morning snack. 


Breakfast still held me over a good 4 hours, but I wanted to push lunch out a little bit with this late morning snack so I could time my afternoon snack before spin class.

I packed my lunch today so that it could be eaten without using kitchen related items (break room is still demo’d).  I mixed up 1 can tuna with mustard and made a protein/veggie platter with baby carrots,  green pepper slices, cucumbers, crackers, ½ apple, and a cheese stick (+ water).


Super easy to eat, super quick to make, super healthy Smile.  Win.  I actually packed more vegetables than I could handle, and next time ½ can of tuna would be just fine.  I’m not complaining about too much healthy food though (especially vegetables!).  The weather here in Boulder today was around 40 degrees and sunny so I went out for a quick 25 minute walk around the paths here right after I ate.  It’s going to snow again over the weekend, so I’ve got to get outside when I can!

My pre workout snack was soooooo amazing!  I made a banana (1/2, leftover from breakfast) and peanut butter quesadilla on a whole grain spelt tortilla, and added some granola to it just before I ate it (crunchy!).  I was looking forward to that ALL day… and it was the perfect pre spin food!  I made this the night before, so everything was already mushy and mixed together Open-mouthed smile. I think these are going to start becoming a staple in my diet!

banana quesadilla

Workout: Power Intervals (YAY!! NOT endurance!)

About 37 Tabatas in a 60 minute class.  Yup.  PAIN!

Totals: ~573 cals, 19.1 miles, 1:10 time  Banana quesadilla = epic spin session (and yummy!)

I’ve got no clue what we’re doing tonight – we talked about going to Ripple one night this week for Froyo to celebrate getting our house, so that’s a possibility.  Tomorrow is a recovery day for me so I’m looking forward to the extra sleep and game night at our friends apartment!