I hope you had a great Thursday!  My weekend starts a bit earlier because it’s my off-Friday tomorrow Open-mouthed smile.  We managed to get out all our paperwork late last night for the offer we put in on a house, so now we wait (“patiently”).  It’s been a mentally/emotionally exhausting week and I’m looking forward to the weekend.  One of our best friends is coming out from California tonight, so I think we’ve got things lined up just about every day.  It’s going to be fun, but again very exhausting!

This morning Scott had to be up and out early to get an allergy shot, and because I’m such a light sleeper, I woke up early as well.  I made an egg and cheese bagel and had a banana for breakfast.


bagel bag

I bought Alternative Bagels the other day, Sweet Honey Wheat kind.  These are actually pretty darn tasty!  I’ve read about them countless times, but have never picked them up because they’re usually expensive.  I’m definitely looking forward to trying the other flavors now.

Breakfast lasted me well into lunch – eggs always seem to hold me over for hours.  But, I usually don’t have them for breakfast because that’s not what I crave in the morning (heeello melty peanut butter!).  Today was insanely slow at work, so I decided to completely switch up my schedule and do a spin class over my lunch hour rather than go after work.  It seemed like a better idea because we are headed out to dinner with our friend tonight! I had a Cascade Fresh Key Lime yogurt, an apple, and half a Clif Z Smores bar about an hour before the class.  This sort of served as a “mini-lunch” as well.pre workout foods

Workout: 45 min Endurance Spin Class

The usual instructor was sick today, so I had the SAME instructor as I did Monday and last Saturday… AND she did the exact same workout with the SAME songs… lol.  Not quite motivated the third time this week for that one lol.  I hope tomorrow’s is NOT an endurance ride!

Totals: ~467 cals, 15.0 miles, 57 mins

I stopped at home really fast afterwards because I didn’t pack a lunch (I live REALLY close to work) and threw together a ghetto salad:


broccoli slaw, spinach, baby carrots, tomato, avocado, chicken, Kashi crackers, topped with light balsamic vinaigrette.  I had this with a sparkling water and the other half of the Smores bar.

Since I hit up a spin class this afternoon, I was at work a lot later than normal (2 x showers and 2 x drying hair and makeup today = tons o’ time wasted!!)… and I got hungry around 5:30.  I grabbed another Carrot Cake Scuffin from yesterday

coconut oen

since this picture BLOWS, here’s a nicer one from yesterday Smile

cookies 3

(no raisins, coconut on top).  I need to make a huge batch of these and freeze them… definitely a delicious snack to have on hand!!

I think we’re headed out to dinner tonight, so I’ve gotta do a few cleaning things and see if our realtor knows anything yet.  I’m hoping no news is good news… but I’m just not sure!

Have a great night!


Usually RIGHT after I blog, I catch up on all the other foodie blogs I LOVE reading daily.   You can imagine how STOKED I was to see this!!!  Thank you soo much Julie!!