We made an offer today on a house!!!! We’re signing the contract in about an hour.. so here’s a SUPER SPEEDY recap of today!!

As mentioned yesterday, melty peanut butter is totally one of my comfort foods.  I had two slices of sprouted wheat toast, lots of PB, a sliced up banana, WF pumpkin granola, raisins, agave, and a sprinkle of shredded coconut for breakfast.  I was going to up this even more and turn it into French toast, but the pan was dirty and I didn’t feel like washing it.  This was exactly what I needed this morning!





I took half the day off from work because I was a nervous WRECK!  While waiting for our realtor to call us back, I made these (from Angela!)


cookies 3

I ate one with both raisins AND coconut on it (I made different ones with and without coconut)

cocnut and raisins

I still feel like throwing up because I’m so nervous….

Tomorrow starts the waiting process however, so it’s a full day of work for me!!

*Keeping my fingers crossed!*  We should know Friday by 5pm whether or not we’ve got this!