Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a great Valentine’s day last night – I’m sufficiently full of frozen yogurt and treats so I’ll probably slow down on all of that over the next few days.

I completely feel like Salami today…a good little nap sounds perfect!  Let’s just say that today has been the craziest work day to date since I started working at my company almost 2 years ago.  I’m all Advil-ed up because my back is sort of getting tight.  Since my schedule change, tomorrow is an “off day” for me and I couldn’t be happier!!


I was planning on hitting up a spin class after work today, but we saw a house pop up on the market yesterday and absolutely jumped on it!  We’re scheduled for a showing right in about an hour, so I got up extra early today and did an at-home workout (a recap one, shown here).  It took me nearly an hour and twenty minutes to bust through this, and I’m glad I got something in today!

Post workout I made a yogurt bowl and a Green Monster. 


The yogurt bowl was a Brown Cow Plain Greek Yogurt, 1 chopped apple (I ate half the apple before my workout), ¼ cup of Kashi Golden Goodness cereal, and a few shakes of cinnamon.  The Green Monster was ½ banana, 1 cup frozen spinach, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, and 1 scoop of wheat grass (Magic Bullet = win).  I woke up early enough that I was able to eat at home again Smile. Morning coffee was consumed at work!

Today was way way way too much for a Tuesday!!  I went into hyper-drive the second I got into work… the day went by like a blur, and the eating schedule was all over the place.  I munched on a Chocolate Chip Clif Z bar midmorning…


Lunch was a Cedarlane Couscous and Vegetable Veggie wrap, salsa, baby carrots, water, slices of green pepper, and a bag of sun chips. The sun chips were about an hour after my meal – didn’t have time to eat it all at once! (Btw… the wrap was absolutely amazing!!!  Definitely stocking up on some of those next grocery trip!)




I worked straight from 7:30 this morning to 2pm with only a break for a snack.  Right after lunch I headed out for a quick 20 minute walk (mainly because I was way stressed out due to some very unfortunate circumstances with the parts I was putting together…).  Seriously, 55+ degree weather + a walk = completely sane again.  Another 3.5 hours later of straight work, I was able to get the stuff together that I needed.  I basically left work, came straight home and crammed this into my mouth Open-mouthed smile


I’m pretty darn sure melty peanut butter is the cure-all for stress/hunger!!  That, and the cinnamon roast almonds from the other day.

Kind of a quick post today, I’ve got to take off to meet our realtor!  I think I’m going to like my new schedule… an “off-day” mid week seems sooooo relaxing!! Smile

Have a great night! I’m so keeping my fingers crossed for this house!!