I hope you had a great end to your weekend; mine was excellent, and started out with these Smile… great Sunday morning breakfast!


Today went in a huge blur!  Breakfast, church, shopping, lunch (Subway grilled chicken),


looked at a bunch more houses with the realtor…all 4 were no-go’s for us Sad smile.  I’m getting terribly antsy about getting out of this apartment!  To top off the bad house hunting day, Scott’s car stopped working again – second time we’ve needed a jump this week.  We brought it in to get checked but the battery is completely fine.  The guy was at a loss to how in the world the car just won’t start sometimes (?)….

But, we at least ended the weekend on a happy note with an early Valentine’s Day celebration Open-mouthed smile.  The restaurant we wanted to eat at is completely booked tomorrow night, so we decided to switch it to tonight (and it doesn’t help that Scott gets home really late). 

No pics from dinner, but I at least got Scott to pose for one with me before we headed out Smile.

Scott and Erin Valentines 2011

Yup, we still don’t look our ages (both 23), and yes.. we STILL got carded when we ordered wine and beer at dinner.  I’m pretty sure the guy was surprised we were even married – he sort of gave us a weird look when we saw our last name on our driver’s licenses… and then he glanced at our rings and looked quite confused… I guess I might appreciate that in 5-10 years Open-mouthed smile.

I hope you had a great night!! Time to go gear up for (blegh) the work week!