Happy Friday!!  I’m sooooo glad it’s the weekend – you wouldn’t even imagine the kind of week I had at work.  Looking forward to a ton of activities this weekend Open-mouthed smile.

This morning I had… wait for it…breakfast AT my kitchen table?! Surprised smile On a weekday?! This concept is so new to me Winking smile.  I made a yogurt bowl (Fage 0% Strawberry Goji, 1/4cup Kashi Go Lean, 1/2 sliced banana) and a Green Monster (1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, 1 cup frozen spinach). 


This took only 5 minutes to put together, but it took me a while to get down (green monsters are NOT chugging material!) 

We are so out of food in our fridge that I literally had nothing to pack for lunch… I hit up Garbanzo again for a quick meal.  It was getting pretty crowded too around lunch!


I was welcomed with a fresh Falafel ball while I ordered (freaking. awesome!)  I ordered a wheat pita, chicken falarma (falafel and chicken shwarma), lettuce, vegetable salad, tabuleh, red cabbage, hummus, red onion, and tahini sauce.  This thing was the size of my head… and again.. the best Pita’s I’ve tasted in a loooong time.  They’re made fresh in house every day and are so chewy! Smile 


I would have taken more pictures of this beast, but in the 35 minutes I was gone, I missed 3 texts and a phone call from work (again.. did I mention the week I’ve been having?!).  My phone wasn’t getting reception in the restaurant however, so I downed this thing and went back.

After tending to the “design emergency”, I had another pick me up of a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar.  These. Rock. My. World.


On the Friday’s that I do work, I only have to work 8 hours, so I got off a bit earlier than normal (hooray!).  I got a little mental prep time and a snack before I hit up a spin class.


An orange was the perfect little pre-workout snack!  Spin was a mixed Endurance Interval/Power Interval class with an instructor I’ve never had before (another good thing about switching up my schedule)

Totals: ~467 cals, 16.1 miles, 58 minutes 

I’ve no idea what we’ve got planned for tonight – Scott potentially set something up with our neighbors, but he’s not home yet.  Whatever it is, I’m sure my new book is going to be read a little bit Smile.  I picked Good Calories, Bad Calories (Gary Taubes) from all the ones that showed up yesterday.  I think it’s going to be an interesting read – I read for about 30 minutes last night and haven’t even made it through the prologue yet haha. 

Have a great Friday night!! Smile