Today starts the day that Scott and I actually try and synch up our schedules!  For the past four months (that’s about how long he’s been at his new job), we’ve been on the complete opposite schedule, and it’s been extremely hard to deal with.  Usually, I wake up at 4:45am and head to the gym for a workout (mostly dictated by my 5:45am spin classes) – it’s not always been that early, but I’ve been doing the early morning workouts for over 4 years.  Scott has a set work schedule (9-5:30/6pm.), and has about a 45minute to a 1.5hour commute each way.  So, by the time he gets home, I really only get 1.5 hours to see him before I head to bed Sad smile.  Yup, we’ve stupidly done that for WAY too long, and quite frankly, it sucks! Switching everything up is going to be a little tricky, and require a lot of flexibility, but I’m totally done with the current schedule!  A few things I definitely know to be true about all this:

  • I love getting my workouts done before I even go to work.  I only have to take one shower (and put makeup on once), and by the time I sit at my desk I know I’m already good for the day.  My motivation tends to die out throughout the day so going afterwards is really hard for me.
  • I will never ever get Scott to come to the gym with me.  Done. Won’t happen.  I’ve tried, but I’ve realized that it’s something I have to be completely self motivated about.
  • Everybody and their grandma seems to workout after work.  I absolutely despise working out in a crowded gym – I’d call myself “people claustrophobic (is that a word? Open-mouthed smile)”.  I’ll probably keep my strength training days early (but not that early) in the morning or else I won’t be able to do my circuit in a reasonable amount of time without fighting people for machines.
  • It’s hard to pile everything in I want to do every day, especially since I work 9+ hour days (not including my lunch break).  I think everyone would agree that having 1 or 2 more hours in the day would be amazing! I need to be more okay with having to skip a workout because I just don’t have time.  That’s really difficult for me because I sit at my desk. The. Entire. Day.
  • I could definitely use a little extra sleep anyways – this change will probably help that immensely!

Basically, it’s going to be me making a lot of changes over the next few weeks, trying out new schedules, and seeing what works for Scott and I.  Hopefully it won’t take too long for me to figure something out Winking smile.

My only breakfast for today was overnight oats: 1/3 cup rolled oats, ½ smashed banana, 2/3 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, 1T chia seeds, 1T raisins, ½ tsp vanilla, few shakes of cinnamon.  I topped this with some WF pumpkin granola, PB, and a little Agave.  Coffee was also a must!


Overnight oats are pretty darn amazing, but they still can’t get me to lunch Winking smile.  I had an apple about 3 hours later just to hold me over!


Lunch was semi-pathetic – we were out late last night so when I packed up food, I did it in less than 10 minutes.  I had an Amy’s Light in Sodium Bean and Cheese Burrito, Black Bean Salsa, Roasted Red Pepper hummus, veggies, and sparkling water.


About 2 hours later (failed lunch?), I had a Greek yogurt and half a banana.  I ate this a little earlier than normal because I didn’t want to have a full stomach when I went to the gym after work.


But I apparently ate this too early, and ate a Honey Graham Clif Z bar on the way to the gym. (no stomach cramps to report Open-mouthed smile!)

cliff z honey graham

As mentioned before, everybody and their grandma seems to go to my gym around 5-6pm.  It. Was. Crowded.  I ended up not being able to do any of the weight machines I wanted, and just did a peasly half hour on the AMT.  Not ideal, but I did get something in, which is awesome!

Totals: ~331 calories, 37 minutes

Day 1 of gym switching is pretty fail!  Since I’m pretty OCD in planning, I’m probably going to sit down this weekend and map out a bunch of possibilities for me Open-mouthed smile.

On a complete side note, my books came in from Barnes and Noble and I’m STOKED SmileSmileSmile (xmas gift cards = Open-mouthed smile).


A bit of explanation here: Yes, those ARE Bathroom reader books (sounds hilarious to me still).  I’ve got about 7 of these books already but I’m a complete random trivia junkie and LOVE all the useless knowledge I can pile in my brain (which also reminds me that I’ve already got all of these books too!).  I love love love reading about food and nutrition too (breezed through Nancy Clark’s sports nutrition book, Michael Pollan’s books, Fast Food Nation, Food for Sports Performance)  Reading has always been something I do right before bed, and I literally EAT through books like it’s nothing Smile.  Not sure which one I’m going to pick, but I’m sure I’ll be raving about it tomorrow.

Night!! Open-mouthed smile